The Development Dialogue (DD) conference is a yearly initiative organised by PhD researchers of ISS. It provides the space for doctoral candidates and early carrier researchers engaged in different fields of development studies to share their work, exchange ideas, and to discuss how their research relate to global development struggles.

We are living in an era of multiple crises – of widespread inequality, violence, poverty, climate change, the rise of extreme nationalism, racism, war, and human rights violations – which are systemically linked. Indeed, the world has seen that the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic transcends a health crisis; its impact has permeated all sectors of the global economy and is very likely to exacerbate inequality within and across countries.

Conventionally, PhDs and early career researchers are expected to theorize, explain, predict, and suggest recommendations for their selected topics, using limited resources to conduct feasible studies. As young researchers, our attempts to fulfil our academic obligations often result in us being confined to our specific areas of study alone. Our intellectual projects provide us with in-depth knowledge and insights into the localised problems that we investigate, it is crucial that we also reflect on the implications of our work in the context of the current development practice and globalised struggles. These require building alternatives for social change, as well as our engagement with counter narratives and resistance.

The ISS Development Dialogue is a multidisciplinary, reflective, and collaborative programme which brings together dozens of researchers, practitioners, academics, and specialists in various fields of development from around the world. As with previous editions of the DD, we remain committed to providing early-career researchers an opportunity to present their work and receive high quality and constructive feedback.

17th Development Dialogue Conference

17th Development Dialogue Conference



We welcome you for 17th Development Dialogue Conference to be held online by International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 5-6th July, 2021. The Conference will be held online, hosted by the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), part of Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Hague, The Netherlands.

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