The Centre for Sustainable Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam introduces its first event out Sustainability Dialogues Series

We are happy to be able to announce the first CSDS Sustainability Dialogue on the topic of “Building Back Better in the Global South: Inclusive and Sustainable Development post-COVID”. This event, initiated by Fabio de Castro and Mirjam Ros-Tonen, will take place on Thursday 20th May, from 5-6 p.m. CEST. It features Bram Büscher from University of Wageningen, Dorine Norren (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Anne Dankert (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Fernando Hernandez (BothEnds).

One may register here. Once registered, one will receive a link to join the Sustainability Dialogue. Please view the attachment for further information.

“Building Back Better” entails a holistic approach towards recovery after a disaster, whereby the recovery process is seen as an opportunity to do things differently, i.e. improve conditions and increase resilience in the future.

This event is organized by the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) of the University of Amsterdam as one of its new series of ‘Sustainability Dialogues’. These are meant to instigate debate between academics and other societal actors on topical issues related to sustainability. For more information on CSDS activities, see