8. Safety and Security for Fieldwork Research (June 2022)

We have only very few spots left for this course. You can still register here, but please be wary that you might be on the standby list and might be asked to attend future editions of the course instead (October 2022, June 2023).  

15 and 16 June 2022, from 9:30 to 18:00ish each day
Teachers: Dr. Rodrigo Mena, Prof. Dorothea Hilhorst, Linda Johnson + some invited trainers
Location: In-person, International Institute of Social Studies
ECTs: 1.5

Tuition: free for members (priority is given to participants of the PhD Training Course); 300 for non-members if online, 400 if in person.

Description: When conducting field-based research or fieldwork, researchers often operate within complex and dynamic social and political contexts and derive their data from that environment. Both the quality of research and the security of the researcher are a function of how well-planned the research is, taking into account the local context and the risk environment.

This course is designed to assist researchers in conducting their research in hazardous, remote or complex environments as safely and securely as possible, both for those working within their home country, or as foreigners. It aims to improve personal security and awareness and security planning skills when conducting field research.