Join CERES PhD Programme 2020-21

All PhDs researchers are welcome to our PhD Training Course


We are pleased to announce CERES PhD Programme 2020-21. In addition to our longstanding PhD Training Course oriented towards first-year PhDs, CERES is offering an additional Course for Post-fieldwork PhDs, a one-day Workshop on Research Problems for starting PhDs, as well as two thematic courses (one on ontology and the other on security in fieldwork). The course calendar is as follows:

  • November 2020: One-day workshop on research problems/questions for starting PhDs
  • February 2021: One-week module for post-fieldwork PhDs
  • February-March 2021: Ten-lecture course on ontology
  • March-June 2021: The annual PhD Training Course
  • June 2021: Two-day course on security

For detailed information, please access:

DOWNLOAD CERES Programme_2020-2021