CERES has developed a balanced system of research time valuation, that fits the broad social science cultures in which CERES members participate. 

Journal TitleCeres Rank 2023Impact Factor*Category 1C1 RankC2C2 RankC3C3 RankC4C4 RankC5C5 RankC6C6 Rank
A Contrario: Revue Interdisciplinaire de Sciences Sociales C Sociology
AAOHN Journal C Health Policy and Services
AASR Bulletin E Area Studies
Abacus-A Journal of Accounting Finance and Business StudiesB2.6Business, FinanceB
Abhandlungen Anthropogeographie D Geography
Ablak, Tijdschrift voor Centraal Europa D Area Studies
Aboriginal History C History
Academia-Revista Latinoamericana de AdministracionB1.3BusinessBManagementB
Academic MedicineA7.4Health Care Sciences and ServicesA
Academic PsychiatryB2.8Education & Educational ResearchBPsychiatry - SSCIB
Academy of Management AnnalsA28.6BusinessAManagementA
Academy of Management DiscoveriesA7.6ManagementA
Academy of Management JournalA14.5BusinessAManagementA
Academy of Management Learning & EducationA5.7Education & Educational ResearchAManagementB
Academy of Management PerspectivesA9.5BusinessAManagementA
Academy of Management ReviewA17.0BusinessAManagementA
Academy of Psychiatry C Psychiatry
Acces, EASE Newsletter E Economics
Accident Analysis and PreventionA6.1ErgonomicsAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIASocial Sciences, InterdisciplinaryATransportationA
Accounting and Business ResearchB3.2Business, FinanceB
Accounting and FinanceB3.0Business, FinanceB
Accounting Auditing & Accountability JournalA5.5Business, FinanceA
Accounting Finance C Business, Finance
Accounting ForumB3.4Business, FinanceB
Accounting HorizonsB3.4Business, FinanceB
Accounting Organizations and SocietyA6.0Business, FinanceA
Accounting ReviewA6.6Business, FinanceA
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction C Education
ACP-EU Courier E Political Science
Across Languages and CulturesB1.4LinguisticsB
Acta AmazonicaB1.0EcologyB
Acta BioethicaB0.4EthicsBSocial Sciences, BiomedicalB
Acta Geographica Lovaniensia D Area Studies
Acta HistriaeB0.3HistoryB
Acta Horticulturae C Environmental Studies and Sciences
Acta Linguistica AcademicaB0.5LinguisticsB
Acta NeuropsychiatricaB3.5Psychiatry - SCIEB
Acta Oecologica-International Journal of EcologyB1.8EcologyB
Acta OeconomicaB0.8EconomicsB
Acta Paulista de EnfermagemB1.0NursingB
Acta PoliticaB1.6Political ScienceB
Acta Psychiatrica ScandinavicaA7.1Psychiatry - SCIEAPsychiatry - SSCIA
Acta PsychologicaB1.8Psychology, ExperimentalB
Acta Scientiarum-TechnologyB0.8Multidisciplinary SciencesB
Acta Semiotica Fennica D Anthropology
Acta SociologicaB2.0SociologyB
Acta Universitatis Carolinea Geographica C Geography
Actas Espanolas de PsiquiatriaB2.0Psychiatry - SCIEB
Actes de la Recherche en Sciences SocialesB0.5Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
Actioma D Law
Action in Teacher Education C Education
Action ResearchB2.1ManagementBSocial Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
Action Research International C Sociology
Active Learning in Higher EducationA5.6Education & Educational ResearchA
Actual Problems of Economics C Economics
Adapted Physical Activity QuarterlyB2.5RehabilitationB
Adaptive BehaviorB1.5Psychology, ExperimentalBSocial Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
AddictionA6.4Psychiatry - SCIEAPsychiatry - SSCIASubstance AbuseA
Addiction BiologyB3.3Substance AbuseB
Addiction Research C Social Issues
Addiction Research & TheoryB2.9Social IssuesBSubstance AbuseB
Addiction Science & Clinical PracticeA4.4Substance AbuseA
Addictive BehaviorsA4.3Psychology, ClinicalASubstance AbuseA
AdiccionesB2.9Substance AbuseB
Administration (Institute of Public Administration) D Public Administration
Administration & SocietyB2.6Public AdministrationB
Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services ResearchB2.9Health Policy and ServicesBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Administrative Change C Public Administration
Administrative Science QuarterlyA14.1BusinessAManagementA
Administrative Theory and Practice C Public Administration
Adolescence C Psychology, Developmental
Adolescent Psychiatry C Psychiatry
Adolescent Research ReviewA4.9Psychology, DevelopmentalASocial Sciences, InterdisciplinaryA
Adoption & Fostering C Sociology
Adult Education QuarterlyB1.7Education & Educational ResearchB
Adult Learning C Education
Advanced Theory and SimulationsB3.5Multidisciplinary SciencesB
Advances in Climate Change ResearchA7.6Environmental SciencesA
Advances in Cognitive PsychologyB1.5Psychology, ExperimentalB
Advances in Complex SystemsB1.1Multidisciplinary SciencesB
Advances in Gender Research C Women's Studies
Advances in Geoecology C Ecology
Advances in Health Sciences EducationA3.9Education & Educational ResearchAHealth Care Sciences and ServicesB
Advances in Life Course ResearchA3.7Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryA
Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological ScienceA20.0Psychology - SCIEAPsychology, MultidisciplinaryA
Advances in Neonatal CareB2.2NursingB
Advances in Nursing ScienceB2.4NursingB
Advances in Skin & Wound CareA2.7NursingA
Advances in Sociology Research C Sociology
Advances in Water ResourcesA4.8Water ResourcesA
Aequi (Ars Aequi) D Law
AERA OpenB3.4Education & Educational ResearchB
AerobiologiaB2.4Environmental SciencesB
Aerosol Air Quality Research C Environmental Studies and Sciences
Aerosol and Air Quality ResearchB3.4Environmental SciencesB
Aerosol Science and TechnologyB3.6Environmental SciencesB
Aerospace Medicine and Human PerformanceB1.1Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Aethiopica E Area Studies
Affilia-Feminist Inquiry in Social WorkB2.0Social WorkBWomen's StudiesB
AfricaB1.3AnthropologyBArea StudiesB
Africa Confidential D Area Studies
Africa Development C Area Studies
Africa e Mediterraneo D Area Studies
Africa Economic Digest E Economics
Africa Education Review C Education
Africa Insight E Area Studies
Africa Journal of the International African Institute C Area Studies
Africa Media C Communication
Africa Media Review C Communication
Africa Perspective D Area Studies
Africa Quarterly D Area Studies
Africa Review C Area Studies
Africa Review of Books C Information Science and Library Science
Africa SpectrumB1.6Area StudiesB
Africa Today C Area Studies
African AffairsA3.3Area StudiesAPolitical ScienceA
African Analyst Quarterly E Political Science
African and Asian StudiesB0.5Area StudiesB
African Anthropologist (The) C Anthropology
African Archaeological ReviewB1.6AnthropologyB
African Arts C Area Studies
African Communist E Political Science
African Currents D Area Studies
African Development C Anthropology
African Development Perspectives Yearbook D Area Studies
African Development Review-Revue Africaine de DeveloppementB2.8Development StudiesB
African Diaspora D Anthropology
African Economic History D Economics
African Geopolitics D Anthropology
African Historical Review C Political Science
African Human Rights Law Journal C Political Science
African Identities C Anthropology
African Issues D Area Studies
African Journal of Agricultural Research C Geography
African Journal of AIDS Research C Psychology and Psychiatry
African Journal of Aquatic Science C Water Resources
African Journal of Biblical Studies D Anthropology
African Journal of EcologyB1.2EcologyB
African Journal of International Affairs C Political Science
African Journal of International and Comparative Law C Law
African Journal of Library Archives and Information ScienceB0.6Information Science and Library ScienceB
African Journal of Political Science C Political Science
African Journal of Psychiatry C Psychiatry
African Journal of Public Administration and Management D Area Studies
African Journal of Range & Forage ScienceB1.6EcologyBEnvironmental SciencesB
African Journal of Reproductive HealthB1.4Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
African Journal of Rhetoric D Area Studies
African Journal of Wildlife ResearchB0.9EcologyB
African Journal on Conflict Resolution D Political Science
African Journalism StudiesB1.4CommunicationB
African Literature Today D Anthropology
African Nebula C Area Studies
African Performance Review C Anthropology
African Population Studies C Geography
African Renaissance D Political Science
African Research and Documentation D Area Studies
African Security D Political Science
African Security Review C Area Studies
African Sociological Review C Sociology
African StudiesB0.9Area StudiesB
African Studies Bulletin / Leeds University Centre for African Studies D Political Science
African Studies in Russia D Area Studies
African Studies Quarterly, the Online Journal of African Studies C Area Studies
African Studies ReviewA1.7Area StudiesA
African Studies-UK C Area Studies
African Study Monographs D Area Studies
African Urban Quarterly C Area Studies
African Yearbook of International Law D Political Science
Africana Bulletin D Law
Africana LinguisticaB0.2LinguisticsB
Africana Studia D Area Studies
Africanus C Area Studies
Afriche e Orienti D Area Studies
Africultures E Area Studies
Afrika Focus C Area Studies
Afrika Jahrbuch D Area Studies
Afrika Sãœd D Area Studies
Afrika und Ãœbersee D Area Studies
Afrika Zamani C Area Studies
Afrikanistische Arbeitspapiere D Economics
Afrique Contemporaine C Area Studies
Afrique des Grands Lacs C Area Studies
Afrique et Histoire C Anthropology
Afrique Orientale D Area Studies
Agbioforum, the Journal of Agrobiotechnology Management & Economy C Geography
Ageing & SocietyB2.8GerontologyB
Agenda Feminist Media Project C Sociology
Aggression and Violent BehaviorA5.4Criminology and PenologyAPsychology, MultidisciplinaryA
Aggressive BehaviorB3.4Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Aging & Mental HealthA3.8GerontologyAPsychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIB
Aging Neuropsychology and CognitionB1.8Psychology, DevelopmentalBPsychology, ExperimentalB
Agora D Geography
Agrarforschung SchweizB0.3Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryB
Agrarian Questions D Agriculture
Agrawirtschaft C Agriculture
AgrekonB1.5Agricultural Economics and PolicyB
AgribusinessB2.7Agricultural Economics and PolicyBEconomicsB
Agricultura y Sociedad D Agriculture
Agricultural & Environmental LettersA3.2Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryAEnvironmental SciencesB
Agricultural Administration and Extension E Agriculture
Agricultural and Food EconomicsA3.9*Agricultural Economics and PolicyAEconomicsA
Agricultural and Food ScienceB1.4Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryB
Agricultural and Forest MeteorologyA6.9ForestryA
Agricultural EconomicsA3.9Agricultural Economics and PolicyAEconomicsA
Agricultural Economics-Zemedelska EkonomikaB2.1Agricultural Economics and PolicyBEconomicsB
Agricultural HistoryB0.6HistoryBHistory and Philosophy of Science - SCIEBHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIBHistory and Philosophy of Science - SCIE-SSCIB
Agricultural SystemsA6.9Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryA
Agricultural Water ManagementA6.6Water ResourcesA
Agriculture and Human ValuesA4.5Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryAHistory and Philosophy of Science - SCIEAHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIAHistory and Philosophy of Science - SCIE-SSCIASociologyA
Agriculture Ecosystems & EnvironmentA6.7Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryAEcologyAEnvironmental SciencesA
Agrisost D Agriculture
Agroalimentaria C Agriculture
AgrocienciaB0.6Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryB
Agroecology and Sustainable Food SystemsA2.9Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryA
Agroforestry Forum D Agriculture
Agroforestry SystemsB2.5ForestryB
Agronomia Mesoamericana C Agriculture
AIBR-Revista de Antropologia IberoamericanaB0.4AnthropologyB
AIDS and BehaviorA4.1Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIASocial Sciences, BiomedicalA
AIDS Care-Psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of AIDS/HIVB2.1Health Policy and ServicesBPsychology, MultidisciplinaryBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIBSocial Sciences, BiomedicalB
AIDS Education and PreventionB2.3Education & Educational ResearchBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
AIDS Patient Care and StdsA4.4Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
Aiopener E Sociology
Air Quality Atmosphere and HealthB4.2Environmental SciencesB
AJAR- African Journal of AIDS Research C Health Policy and Services
AJAR-African Journal of Aids ResearchB1.4Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
AJIDD-American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesA2.7Education, SpecialARehabilitationA
Al-Ma'arif D Area Studies
Al-Nisa D Area Studies
Alai Servicio Informatico E Sociology
Alasru (Nueva Epoca): Analisis Latinoamericano del Medio Rural C Area Studies
AlcoholB2.3Substance AbuseB
Alcohol and AlcoholismB2.8Substance AbuseB
Alcohol Research & Health C Substance Abuse
Alcohol Research-Current ReviewsA14.2Substance AbuseA
Alcoholism-Clinical and Experimental ResearchB3.6Substance AbuseB
Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte Antw C History and Philosophy of Science
All LifeB1.2Multidisciplinary SciencesB
Alliance D Environmental Studies and Sciences
Allpanchis C Area Studies
Alluvions E Geography
Almajdal D Geography
Alpha PsychiatryB0.7Psychiatry - SCIEB
Alt-J C Education
Alternative Law Journal C Political Science
AlternativesB1.2International RelationsB
Alternatives Sud D International Relations
Alternatives: Local, Global, Political C International Relations
Ama: Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Africa and Latin America D Geography
Amã‰rica Indãgena D Area Studies
Amã‰rica Ventana E Area Studies
Amandla E Political Science
Amateurgids, De D Sociology
Amazon, The, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management D Economics
Ambiente e Sociedad C Geography
Ambiente y Sostenibilidad D Geography
Ambientico D Geography
AmbioA6.5Environmental SciencesA
AmbixB0.6History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEB
Amc Magazine D Psychology and Psychiatry
American Annals of the DeafB1.2Education, SpecialBRehabilitationB
American AnthropologistA2.7AnthropologyA
American AntiquityA2.3AnthropologyA
American Behavioral ScientistA3.3Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryAPsychology, ClinicalB
American Business Law JournalB1.8BusinessBLawB
American Criminal Law ReviewB0.7LawB
American Economic Journal-Applied EconomicsA9.1EconomicsA
American Economic Journal-Economic PolicyA7.1EconomicsA
American Economic Journal-MacroeconomicsA6.6EconomicsA
American Economic Journal-MicroeconomicsB2.4EconomicsB
American Economic ReviewA12.7EconomicsA
American Economic Review-InsightsA8.1EconomicsA
American Educational Research JournalA5.7Education & Educational ResearchA
American EthnologistA2.8AnthropologyA
American Geographical Review C Geography
American Health and Drug BenefitsB2.9Health Care Sciences and ServicesBHealth Policy and ServicesB
American Historical ReviewA2.0HistoryA
American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health ResearchB2.1Psychology, ClinicalB
American Journal of Agricultural EconomicsA4.7Agricultural Economics and PolicyAEconomicsA
American Journal of BioethicsA12.4EthicsASocial IssuesASocial Sciences, BiomedicalA
American Journal of Biological AnthropologyBN/AAnthropologyB
American Journal of Clinical HypnosisB1.2Psychology, ClinicalB
American Journal of Community PsychologyA3.6Psychology, MultidisciplinaryASocial WorkAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
American Journal of Comparative LawB1.3LawB
American Journal of Criminal JusticeA4.0Criminology and PenologyA
American Journal of Critical CareA2.9NursingA
American Journal of Cultural SociologyB2.3SociologyB
American Journal of Drug and Alcohol AbuseA3.9Substance AbuseAPsychology, ClinicalB
American Journal of Economics and SociologyB1.1EconomicsBSociologyB
American Journal of EducationB3.3Education & Educational ResearchB
American Journal of EpidemiologyA5.8Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
American Journal of EvaluationB2.1Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
American Journal of Family TherapyB1.3Family StudiesBPsychology, ClinicalB
American Journal of Geriatric PsychiatryA5.7GerontologyAPsychiatry - SCIEAPsychiatry - SSCIA
American Journal of Health BehaviorB2.1Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
American Journal of Health EconomicsB3.0EconomicsBHealth Policy and ServicesB
American Journal of Health PromotionB2.9Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
American Journal of Hospice & Palliative MedicineB2.2Health Care Sciences and ServicesB
American Journal of Human BiologyA2.4AnthropologyA
American Journal of Industrial MedicineB2.9Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
American Journal of Infection ControlB3.4Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
American Journal of International LawA2.5International RelationsALawA
American Journal of Law & MedicineB0.9LawB
American Journal of Managed CareB3.2Health Care Sciences and ServicesBHealth Policy and ServicesB
American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B-Neuropsychiatric GeneticsB3.5Psychiatry - SCIEB
American Journal of Medical QualityB1.9Health Care Sciences and ServicesB
American Journal of Men's HealthB3.0Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
American Journal of NursingA2.9NursingA
American Journal of Occupational TherapyA3.1RehabilitationA
American Journal of OrthopsychiatryA3.8Social WorkA
American Journal of Physical AnthropologyA2.9AnthropologyA
American Journal of Physical Medicine & RehabilitationA2.8RehabilitationA
American Journal of Political ScienceA6.6Political ScienceA
American Journal of Preventive MedicineA5.9Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
American Journal of PsychiatryA17.8Psychiatry - SCIEAPsychiatry - SSCIA
American Journal of PsychologyB1.2Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
American Journal of Public HealthA11.1Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
American Journal of SociologyA5.9SociologyA
American Journal of Speech-Language PathologyA2.9LinguisticsARehabilitationA
American Journal of TransplantationA7.4TransplantationA
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and HygieneB2.8Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
American Journal on AddictionsB3.5Substance AbuseB
American Law and Economics ReviewB1.3EconomicsBLawB
American Midland NaturalistB0.7EcologyB
American NaturalistB3.5EcologyB
American Political Science ReviewA8.5Political ScienceA
American Politics Quarterly C Political Science
American Politics ResearchB2.3Political ScienceB
American PsychologistA16.2Psychology, MultidisciplinaryA
American Review of Public AdministrationA4.5Public AdministrationA
American Sociological ReviewA13.7SociologyA
American SpeechB0.7LinguisticsB
Americana Latina Hoy C Area Studies
Americas (The) C Area Studies
Amfiteatru EconomicB2.1BusinessBEconomicsBManagementB
Amigoe E Area Studies
Amme Idaresi DergisiB0.1Public AdministrationB
Ampersand; Newsletter of the Theory, Culture and Society Network D Anthropology
Amsterdams Sociologisch Tijdschrift C Sociology
Anadolu Psikiyatri Dergisi-Anatolian Journal of PsychiatryB0.6Psychiatry - SCIEB
Anais da Academia Brasileira de CienciasB1.7Multidisciplinary SciencesB
Anales de Estudios Americanos C Area Studies
Anales de PsicologiaB2.3Psychology - SCIEBPsychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Anales del Jardin Botanico de Madrid D Ecology
Anales del Sistema Sanitario de NavarraB0.8Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Analyses of Social Issues and Public PolicyB1.6Psychology, SocialBSocial IssuesB
Analytic Methods in Accident ResearchA12.7Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIATransportationA
Ancient Mesoamerica C History
AndamiosB0.3Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
Andere Sinema Annuario Argentino de Derecho Internacional E Sociology
Anduli E Area Studies
Animal BiotelemetryB2.7*EcologyB
Animal ConservationB3.4EcologyB
Animal Learning & Behavior C Psychology and Psychiatry
Annale du Maghreb C Area Studies
Annales Aequatoria C Area Studies
Annales Bogorienses C Area Studies
Annales D'ethiopie C Area Studies
Annales de Recherches Urbaines D Urban Studies
Annales Medico-PsychologiquesB0.5Psychiatry - SCIEBPsychology - SCIEB
Annales Zoologici FenniciB0.8EcologyB
Annali Dell Istituto Superiore di SanitaB2.0Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Annali di BotanicaB1.0Environmental SciencesB
Annals of Agricultural and Environmental MedicineB1.9Environmental SciencesBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Annals of Agricultural SciencesA5.9*Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryA
Annals of Applied BiologyA2.9Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryA
Annals of Arid Zone D Environmental Studies and Sciences
Annals of Behavioral MedicineA5.2Psychology, MultidisciplinaryA
Annals of Borno D Area Studies
Annals of Clinical PsychiatryB2.0Psychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIB
Annals of DyslexiaA2.6Education, SpecialARehabilitationB
Annals of Economics and FinanceB0.6EconomicsB
Annals of EpidemiologyA5.1Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
Annals of Forest ResearchB2.1ForestryB
Annals of Forest ScienceA3.2ForestryA
Annals of General PsychiatryB4.1Psychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIB
Annals of Global HealthB3.5Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Annals of Human BiologyB1.6AnthropologyBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation MedicineA5.4RehabilitationA
Annals of Public and Cooperative EconomicsB1.9EconomicsB
Annals of Regional ScienceB2.4EconomicsBEnvironmental StudiesBGeographyBRegional and Urban PlanningB
Annals of ScienceB0.4History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEBHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIB
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social ScienceA3.2Political ScienceASocial Sciences, InterdisciplinaryA
Annals of the American Association of GeographersA4.7GeographyA
Annals of the International Institute of Sociology C Sociology
Annals of the New York Academy of SciencesA6.3Multidisciplinary SciencesA
Annals of Tourism ResearchA12.4Hospitality, Leisure, Sport, and TourismASociologyA
Annals of TransplantationB1.3TransplantationB
Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology C Health Policy and Services
Annals of Work Exposures and HealthB2.5Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Annee PsychologiqueB1.4Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Annuaire de L'afrique du Nord D Area Studies
Annuaire des Pays de L'ocean Indien D Area Studies
Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Child Development D Psychology and Psychiatry
Annual Review of AnthropologyA4.7AnthropologyA
Annual Review of Applied LinguisticsA4.3LinguisticsA
Annual Review of Clinical PsychologyA22.8Psychology - SCIEAPsychology, ClinicalA
Annual Review of CriminologyA9.9Criminology and PenologyA
Annual Review of Ecology Evolution and SystematicsA18.6EcologyA
Annual Review of EconomicsA8.6EconomicsA
Annual Review of Environment and ResourcesA18.1Environmental SciencesAEnvironmental StudiesA
Annual Review of Financial EconomicsA4.9Business, FinanceAEconomicsA
Annual Review of Islam in South Africa D Anthropology
Annual Review of Law and Social ScienceA3.8LawASociologyA
Annual Review of LinguisticsA4.3LinguisticsA
Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational BehaviorA27.5ManagementAPsychology, AppliedA
Annual Review of Political ScienceA13.3Political ScienceA
Annual Review of PsychologyA29.0Psychology - SCIEAPsychology, MultidisciplinaryA
Annual Review of Public HealthA27.4Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
Annual Review of Resource EconomicsA7.7Agricultural Economics and PolicyAEconomicsAEnvironmental StudiesA
Annual Review of SociologyA13.0SociologyA
Annuali di Statistica C Economics
Anos E Political Science
Antarctic ScienceB1.5Environmental SciencesB
AnthropoceneB3.8Environmental SciencesB
Anthropocene ReviewB3.4Environmental SciencesBEnvironmental StudiesB
Anthropologica C Anthropology
Anthropological ForumB0.7AnthropologyB
Anthropological Journal on European Cultures C Anthropology
Anthropological NotebooksB0.4AnthropologyB
Anthropological QuarterlyB1.0AnthropologyB
Anthropological TheoryA2.2AnthropologyA
Anthropologie et Sociã‰tã‰s E Anthropology
Anthropologischer AnzeigerB0.6AnthropologyB
Anthropologist C Anthropology
Anthropology & Education QuarterlyB1.3AnthropologyBEducation & Educational ResearchB
Anthropology & MedicineB1.7AnthropologyBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIBSocial Sciences, BiomedicalB
Anthropology and Archeology of Eurasia C Anthropology
Anthropology in Action C Anthropology
Anthropology News D Anthropology
Anthropology Newsletter of the American Anthropological Association E Anthropology
Anthropology of Eastern Europe Review C Anthropology
Anthropology of the Middle East C Anthropology
Anthropology Review, University of Hanoi D Anthropology
Anthropology Southern AfricaB0.6AnthropologyB
Anthropology Today C Anthropology
Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection ControlA6.1Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
Antropologi Indonesia C Anthropology
Antropologische Bijlagen Vu D Anthropology
Antropologische Verkenningen D Anthropology
Anuario Argentino de Derecho Internacional D Political Science
Anuario de Estudios Americanos C Area Studies
Anuario de Estudios Centroamericanos C Area Studies
Anuario de Estudios en Antropologia Social D Anthropology
Anuario de Estudios Medievales C History
Anuario de Psicologia JuridicaB1.0LawBPsychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Anxiety Stress and CopingA4.0Psychology, MultidisciplinaryAPsychiatry - SSCIB
AoB PlantsB3.4EcologyB
AORN JournalB1.1NursingB
APAD-Bulletin E Political Science
APAL C Area Studies
Applied Catalysis A-GeneralA5.5Environmental SciencesA
Applied Cognitive PsychologyB2.6Psychology, ExperimentalB
Applied Developmental ScienceA3.8Psychology, DevelopmentalA
Applied Ecology and Environmental ResearchB0.9EcologyBEnvironmental SciencesB
Applied Econometrics and International Development C Economics
Applied Economic AnalysisB2.4EconomicsB
Applied Economic Perspectives and PolicyA5.1Agricultural Economics and PolicyAEconomicsA
Applied EconomicsB2.3EconomicsB
Applied Economics LettersB1.4EconomicsB
Applied ErgonomicsB3.9ErgonomicsBPsychology, AppliedB
Applied GeographyA5.3GeographyA
Applied Health Economics and Health PolicyA3.5EconomicsAHealth Care Sciences and ServicesBHealth Policy and ServicesB
Applied LinguisticsA5.6LinguisticsA
Applied Linguistics ReviewA2.7LinguisticsA
Applied Measurement in EducationB2.1Education & Educational ResearchBPsychology, EducationalBPsychology, MathematicalB
Applied Neuropsychology C Psychology [Science]
Applied Neuropsychology-AdultB1.9Psychology - SCIEB
Applied Neuropsychology-ChildB1.7Psychology - SCIEB
Applied Nursing ResearchA2.7NursingA
Applied PsycholinguisticsA2.2LinguisticsAPsychology, ExperimentalB
Applied Psychological MeasurementB2.3Psychology, MathematicalBSocial Sciences, Mathematical MethodsB
Applied Psychology-An International Review-Psychologie Appliquee-Revue InternationaleA6.9Psychology, AppliedA
Applied Psychology-Health and Well BeingA6.3Psychology, AppliedA
Applied Psychophysiology and BiofeedbackB2.9Psychology, ClinicalB
Applied Research in Quality of LifeA3.4Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryA
Applied Spatial Analysis and PolicyB2.1Environmental StudiesBGeographyBRegional and Urban PlanningB
Applied Vegetation ScienceA2.9ForestryAEcologyB
Applied Water ScienceA6.1Water ResourcesA
Appropriate Technology C Geography
AQUA-Water Infrastructure Ecosystems and SocietyB1.9Water ResourcesB
Aquaculture Economics & ManagementB3.7Agricultural Economics and PolicyB
Aquatic Conservation - Marine and Freshwater C Environmental Studies and Sciences
Aquatic Conservation-Marine and Freshwater EcosystemsB2.7Environmental SciencesBWater ResourcesB
Aquatic EcologyB1.8EcologyB
Aquatic Ecosystem Health & ManagementB1.1Environmental SciencesB
Aquatic InvasionsB2.0EcologyB
Aquatic Mammals C Water Resources
Aquatic Microbial EcologyB1.4EcologyB
Aquatic SciencesB2.7Environmental SciencesB
Aquichan C Nursing
Arab Studies Journal C Area Studies
Arabian Journal for Science and EngineeringB2.7Multidisciplinary SciencesB
Arash (Perzisch) C Area Studies
Arbres Forets et Communautes Rurales D Forestry
Archaeological and Anthropological SciencesA2.2AnthropologyA
Archaeology in OceaniaB0.9AnthropologyB
Archipel D Area Studies
Archival Science C Information Science and Library Science
Archive for History of Exact SciencesB0.6History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEB
Archive for the Psychology of Religion-Archiv fur ReligionspsychologieB1.4Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Archives de Psychologie D Psychology and Psychiatry
Archives des Maladies Professionnelles et de L EnvironnementB0.3Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEB
Archives des Sciences Sociales des Religions C Anthropology
Archives Europeennes de SociologieB1.8SociologyB
Archives of Clinical NeuropsychologyB3.0Psychology - SCIEBPsychology, ClinicalB
Archives of Environmental & Occupational HealthB1.8Environmental SciencesBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Archives of Environmental Contamination and ToxicologyB3.6Environmental SciencesB
Archives of Environmental ProtectionB1.5Environmental SciencesB
Archives of General Psychiatry C Psychiatry
Archives of Natural HistoryB0.1History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEBHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIB
Archives of Physical Medicine and RehabilitationA4.4RehabilitationA
Archives of Psychiatric NursingB2.5NursingBPsychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIB
Archives of Public HealthB3.4Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Archives of Sexual BehaviorA4.2Psychology, ClinicalASocial Sciences, InterdisciplinaryA
Archives of Suicide ResearchB2.9Psychiatry - SSCIBPsychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Archives of Womens Mental HealthB4.4Psychiatry - SCIEB
Archivo Histã“rico del Agua D Water Resources
Arcinfo Journal E Geography
ArcticB1.6Environmental SciencesB
Arctic Antarctic and Alpine ResearchB2.4Environmental SciencesB
Arctic AnthropologyB0.6AnthropologyB
Arctic ScienceB3.0EcologyBEnvironmental SciencesB
Area Development and PolicyC
Argos-Venezuela C Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
Argumenta OeconomicaB0.6EconomicsB
Argumentation and Advocacy C Education
Arhiv za Higijenu Rada i Toksikologiju-Archives of Industrial Hygiene and ToxicologyB2.6Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Ariadne Europa, Nieuwsbrief E Area Studies
Arid Land Research and ManagementB1.6Environmental SciencesB
Arid Lands Newsletter D Environmental Studies and Sciences
Arid Newsletter D Environmental Studies and Sciences
Arivu Baraha India E Area Studies
Armed Forces & SocietyB1.6Political ScienceBSociologyB
Arquivos de Neuro-PsiquiatriaB1.6Psychiatry - SCIEB
Ars Aequi D Law
Art Monthly in Australia E Area Studies
Artic C Environmental Studies and Sciences
Artic Antarctic and Alpine Research C Environmental Studies and Sciences
Articulo Primero: Revista de Debate Juridico y Social D Political Science
Artificial Intelligence and LawA4.8LawA
Artificial OrgansB2.4TransplantationB
Arts & HealthB1.7Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Arts in PsychotherapyB1.8Psychology, ClinicalBRehabilitationB
ASAIO JournalB3.6TransplantationB
Aseasuk News E Geography
Asia & the Pacific Policy StudiesA2.3Area StudiesA
Asia en Desarrollo: Escenarios de Riesgo y Oportunidades C Area Studies
Asia Europe JournalB1.9International RelationsB
Asia Pacific Business ReviewB2.5BusinessBManagementB
Asia Pacific Development Journal C Area Studies
Asia Pacific Education ReviewB2.4Education & Educational ResearchB
Asia Pacific Forum C Political Science
Asia Pacific Journal of AnthropologyB0.8AnthropologyB
Asia Pacific Journal of EducationB1.9Education & Educational ResearchB
Asia Pacific Journal of Environment and Development C Geography
Asia Pacific Journal of Human ResourcesA4.0Industrial Relations and LaborAManagementB
Asia Pacific Journal of ManagementB5.9ManagementB
Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and LogisticsB4.0BusinessB
Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and DevelopmentB1.6Social WorkB
Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism ResearchB4.9Hospitality, Leisure, Sport, and TourismB
Asia Pacific Journal on Rural Development C Geography
Asia Pacific Law ReviewB0.9LawB
Asia Pacific Migration Journal C Geography
Asia Pacific ViewpointA2.2Area StudiesAGeographyB
Asia Pacific Women's Studies C Sociology
Asia-Pacific Education ResearcherA3.5Education & Educational ResearchA
Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & EconomicsB1.2Business, FinanceBEconomicsB
Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial StudiesB1.7Business, FinanceB
Asia-Pacific Journal of Oncology NursingB2.4NursingB
Asia-Pacific Journal of Public HealthB2.3Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher EducationB2.4Education & Educational ResearchB
Asia-Pacific PsychiatryB2.8Psychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIB
Asian Affairs C Area Studies
Asian American Journal of PsychologyB2.9Ethnic StudiesBPsychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Asian and Pacific Migration JournalB1.2DemographyB
Asian Anthropology C Anthropology
Asian Business & ManagementB3.8BusinessBManagementB
Asian Case Research Journal C Business
Asian Development Review C Area Studies
Asian Economic JournalB1.4EconomicsB
Asian Economic PapersA4.3EconomicsA
Asian Economic Policy ReviewB3.0EconomicsB
Asian Economic Review C Economics
Asian Ethnicity C Anthropology
Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development C Agriculture
Asian Journal of CommunicationB2.4CommunicationB
Asian Journal of CriminologyB1.8Criminology and PenologyB
Asian Journal of PsychiatryA6.3Psychiatry - SCIEA
Asian Journal of Social PsychologyB2.4Psychology, SocialB
Asian Journal of Social ScienceB0.9Area StudiesBSocial Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
Asian Journal of Technology InnovationB2.1BusinessBEconomicsB
Asian Journal of Womens StudiesB0.9Women's StudiesB
Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and PolicyB0.4Health Policy and ServicesBInternational RelationsBLawB
Asian Migrant D Geography
Asian Nursing ResearchA3.1NursingA
Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical MedicineB2.4Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Asian PerspectiveB0.9International RelationsB
Asian Population StudiesB1.7DemographyB
Asian Research Trends D Area Studies
Asian Review of Public Administration C Political Science
Asian Security C Political Science
Asian Studies ReviewB1.4Area StudiesBCultural StudiesB
Asian SurveyB0.8Area StudiesB
Asian Timber D Forestry
Asian WomenB0.7Women's StudiesB
Asian Yearbook of International Law C Political Science
Asian-Pacific Economic LiteratureB1.0EconomicsB
Asien C Economics
Asien Afrika Lateinamerika E Area Studies
Aslib Journal of Information ManagementB2.6Information Science and Library ScienceB
Aspectos €“ Revista del Area Estado, Economãa y Gestiã“n D Economics
Assessing WritingA4.1Education & Educational ResearchALinguisticsA
AssessmentA4.1Psychology, ClinicalA
Assessment & Evaluation in Higher EducationA4.8Education & Educational ResearchA
Assessment in Education-Principles Policy & PracticeA4.0Education & Educational ResearchA
Assistenza Infermieristica e RicercaB0.6NursingB
ASTIN Bulletin-The Journal of the International Actuarial AssociationB2.2EconomicsBSocial Sciences, Mathematical MethodsB
Atas D Sociology
Atheneum Illustre E Sociology
Atlantis-Journal of the Spanish Association of Anglo-American StudiesB0.4LinguisticsB
Atlantische Onderwijspaper D Education
AtmosphereB3.0Environmental SciencesB
Atmospheric Chemistry and PhysicsA6.7Environmental SciencesA
Atmospheric EnvironmentA5.2Environmental SciencesA
Atmospheric Pollution ResearchB4.6Environmental SciencesB
Attachment & Human DevelopmentB3.6Psychology, DevelopmentalB
Attention Perception & PsychophysicsB2.0Psychology - SCIEBPsychology, ExperimentalB
Auc Geographia C Geography
Auditing-A Journal of Practice & TheoryB3.7Business, FinanceB
Augmentative and Alternative CommunicationA3.6RehabilitationA
Aula de Innovacion Educativa D Education
Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte C Political Science
Austral EcologyB1.7EcologyB
Australasian Emergency CareB2.1NursingB
Australasian Journal of Early ChildhoodB1.5Education & Educational ResearchB
Australasian Journal of Educational TechnologyA4.4Education & Educational ResearchA
Australasian Journal of Environmental ManagementB2.0Environmental StudiesB
Australasian Journal on AgeingB1.8GerontologyB
Australasian PsychiatryB1.6Psychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIB
Australasian Review of African Studies (ARAS) C Area Studies
Australian Accounting ReviewB3.3Business, FinanceB
Australian and New Zealand Journal of CriminologyA2.5Criminology and PenologyA
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family TherapyB0.9Family StudiesB
Australian and New Zealand Journal of PsychiatryA5.2Psychiatry - SCIEAPsychiatry - SSCIA
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public HealthB3.3Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Australian ArchaeologyB0.9AnthropologyB
Australian Critical CareA3.4NursingA
Australian Economic History ReviewB0.5EconomicsBHistory of Social SciencesB
Australian Economic PapersB1.6EconomicsB
Australian Economic ReviewB1.0EconomicsB
Australian Educational ResearcherB2.6Education & Educational ResearchB
Australian Feminist StudiesB1.1Women's StudiesB
Australian ForestryB2.1ForestryB
Australian GeographerB2.2GeographyB
Australian Health ReviewB2.0Health Care Sciences and ServicesBHealth Policy and ServicesB
Australian Journal of Adult LearningB1.0Education & Educational ResearchB
Australian Journal of Advanced NursingB1.2NursingB
Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource EconomicsB2.9Agricultural Economics and PolicyBEconomicsB
Australian Journal of AnthropologyB0.8AnthropologyB
Australian Journal of Early Childhood C Education
Australian Journal of EducationB1.8Education & Educational ResearchB
Australian Journal of Educational Computing C Education
Australian Journal of Environmental Management C Environmental Studies and Sciences
Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling C Social Work
Australian Journal of International AffairsB1.5International RelationsB
Australian Journal of LinguisticsB0.6LinguisticsB
Australian Journal of ManagementB3.6BusinessBManagementB
Australian Journal of Political ScienceB1.1Political ScienceB
Australian Journal of Politics and HistoryB0.6HistoryBPolitical ScienceB
Australian Journal of Primary HealthB1.6Health Care Sciences and ServicesBHealth Policy and ServicesBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Australian Journal of PsychologyB2.8Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Australian Journal of Public AdministrationB2.2Public AdministrationB
Australian Journal of Rural HealthB1.8NursingBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Australian Journal of Social IssuesB2.1Social IssuesB
Australian Journal of Teacher Education C Education
Australian Occupational Therapy JournalB2.1RehabilitationB
Australian PsychologistB2.1Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Australian Review of Public Affairs C Political Science
Australian Social WorkB2.1Social WorkB
Austrian History YearbookB0.4HistoryB
Austrian Journal of Development Studies D Development Studies
Austrian Journal of Forest ScienceB0.8ForestryB
Austrian Journal of Political ScienceB0.6Political ScienceB
AutismA6.2Psychology, DevelopmentalA
Autism ResearchA5.3Psychology, DevelopmentalA
Autrepart C Sociology
Avenir Econo Bulletin D Economics
Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine C Health Policy and Services
Awraq D Area Studies
Azania C Political Science
B E Journal of Economic Analysis & PolicyB0.8EconomicsB
B E Journal of MacroeconomicsB0.6EconomicsB
B E Journal of Theoretical EconomicsB0.5EconomicsB
Babel-Revue Internationale de la Traduction-International Journal of TranslationB0.4LinguisticsB
Baessler Archiv D Geography
Balkan Forum D Area Studies
Baltic ForestryB1.0ForestryB
Baltic Journal of EconomicsB1.4EconomicsB
Baltic Journal of ManagementB3.0ManagementB
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quaterly Review D Economics
Bank i Kredyt D Economics
Bank of England Quarterly Bulletinâ  D Economics
Bank- en Effectenbedrijf D Economics
Baobab E Anthropology
Bar Review D Political Science
Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care C Nursing
Bariatric Surgical Practice and Patient CareB0.4NursingB
Basic and Applied EcologyA4.0EcologyA
Basic and Applied Social PsychologyB2.9Psychology, SocialB
Basis Indonesia D Area Studies
Basis: Mnebus Fakta D Area Studies
Bazuin E Area Studies
Bbv Bulletin E Economics
Beelden Van Afrika E Anthropology
Behavior and Philosophy C Psychology and Psychiatry
Behavior Change C Psychology, Clinical
Behavior GeneticsB2.6Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Behavior ModificationB3.5Psychology, ClinicalB
Behavior Research MethodsA7.7Psychology, ExperimentalAPsychology, MathematicalA
Behavior TherapyA4.2Psychology, ClinicalAPsychiatry - SSCIB
Behavioral and Brain SciencesA22.4Psychology, BiologicalA
Behavioral DisordersB2.4Education, SpecialBPsychology, ClinicalBPsychology, EducationalB
Behavioral EcologyB2.6EcologyB
Behavioral Ecology and SociobiologyB2.7EcologyB
Behavioral InterventionsB1.2Psychology, ClinicalB
Behavioral MedicineB3.6Psychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIB
Behavioral Psychology-Psicologia ConductualB1.1Psychology, ClinicalB
Behavioral SciencesB3.2Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Behavioral Sciences & the LawA1.9LawAPsychology, AppliedB
Behavioral Sleep MedicineB3.4Psychiatry - SCIEB
Behaviour & Information TechnologyA4.0ErgonomicsA
Behaviour ChangeB1.6Psychology, ClinicalB
Behaviour Research and TherapyA5.5Psychology, ClinicalA
Behavioural and Cognitive PsychotherapyB2.2Psychology, ClinicalB
Behavioural ProcessesB1.9Psychology, BiologicalB
Behinderung und Dritte Welt D Development Studies
Beitrã„ge zur Afrikanistik E Area Studies
Beleid en Maatschappij C Public Administration
Beleidsanalyse D Public Administration
Beleidswetenschap C Public Administration
Berichte Uber LandwirtschaftB0.2Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryB
Berichte zur WissenschaftsgeschichteB0.5History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEBHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIB
Berliner Journal fur SoziologieB0.9SociologyB
Bestuurskunde C Public Administration
Bestuurwetenschappen D Public Administration
Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und PraxisB0.1BusinessBManagementB
Beyond Law E Political Science
Bibliotheca Orientalis E Area Studies
Bicentenario C Political Science
Big Data & SocietyA9.2Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryA
Bijdragen tot de Taal- Land- en VolkenkundeB0.7AnthropologyB
Bijeen E History
Bildhaan C Sociology
BiligB0.2Area StudiesB
Bilingualism-Language and CognitionA3.9LinguisticsAPsychology, ExperimentalA
Binnenlands Bestuur E Political Science
BiocharA13.1Environmental SciencesA
Biochemical Systematics and EcologyB1.5EcologyB
Biodemography and Social BiologyB1.7DemographyBSocial Sciences, BiomedicalBSociologyB
Biodiversity C Environmental Studies and Sciences
Biodiversity and ConservationA3.7EcologyAEnvironmental SciencesB
Bioenergy ResearchB3.2Environmental SciencesB
BioethicsA2.2EthicsASocial IssuesBSocial Sciences, BiomedicalB
BiogeochemistryB4.8Environmental SciencesB
Biological Agriculture C Geography
Biological ConservationA6.4EcologyAEnvironmental SciencesA
Biological InvasionsB3.1EcologyB
Biological PsychiatryA11.9Psychiatry - SCIEA
Biological PsychologyA3.2Psychology, ExperimentalAPsychology - SCIEBPsychology, BiologicalB
Biological Research for NursingA2.8NursingA
Biology & PhilosophyA1.9History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEAHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIA
Biology and Environment-Proceedings of the Royal Irish AcademyB0.7Environmental SciencesB
Biology LettersA3.7EcologyA
Biology of Blood and Marrow TransplantationA4.4TransplantationA
Biomedical and Environmental SciencesB3.6Environmental SciencesBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Biopsychosocial MedicineB2.5Psychiatry - SSCIBPsychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Bioremediation JournalB2.3Environmental SciencesB
Bioscience JournalB0.5Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryB
BiosemioticsA1.2History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEAHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIB
BiosocietiesB2.0Social Sciences, BiomedicalB
Biosystems EngineeringA5.5Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryA
Biotechnologie Agronomie Societe et EnvironnementB1.4Environmental SciencesB
Biotechnology and Development Monitor C Ecology
Bipolar DisordersA5.8Psychiatry - SCIEA
Birth-Issues in Perinatal CareA3.3NursingA
BJPsych OpenA4.6Psychiatry - SSCIAPsychiatry - SCIEB
Black Scholar C Ethnic Studies
BMC Ecology and EvolutionB2.2EcologyB
BMC GeriatricsA4.9GerontologyA
BMC Health Services ResearchB3.5Health Care Sciences and ServicesB
Bmc Health Services Review C Health Care Sciences and Services
BMC International Health and Human RightsA3.8Health Policy and ServicesAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
BMC Medical EducationA3.9Education & Educational ResearchA
BMC Medical EthicsA3.5EthicsASocial Sciences, BiomedicalA
BMC Medical Research MethodologyA7.0Health Care Sciences and ServicesA
BMC NursingA3.6NursingA
BMC Palliative CareA3.7Health Policy and ServicesAHealth Care Sciences and ServicesB
BMC PsychiatryB4.9Psychiatry - SCIEB
BMC PsychologyA3.6*Psychology, MultidisciplinaryA
BMC Public HealthA4.7Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
BMC Sports Science Medicine and RehabilitationB2.4RehabilitationB
BMC Womens HealthB3.1Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
BMGN-The Low Countries Historical ReviewB0.5HistoryB
BMJ Global HealthA7.6Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
BMJ Quality & SafetyA6.7Health Care Sciences and ServicesAHealth Policy and ServicesA
BMJ Sexual & Reproductive HealthA3.0Family StudiesASocial Sciences, BiomedicalA
BMJ Supportive & Palliative CareB2.9Health Care Sciences and ServicesB
Body & SocietyB2.2SociologyB
Body ImageA6.0Psychiatry - SSCIAPsychology, ClinicalAPsychology, MultidisciplinaryA
Body Image C Women's Studies
Boekmancahier E Sociology
Boerderij E Geography
Bois et Forets Des TropiquesB0.8ForestryB
Bolema-Mathematics Education Bulletin-Boletim de Educacao Matematica C Education
Boletin de la Asociacion de Geografos EspanolesB0.9GeographyB
Boleton Bolfor D Area Studies
Bolfor Projecto de Manejo Forestal Sostenible D Forestry
Bollettino di Storia delle Scienze MatematicheB0.2History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEB
Bone Marrow TransplantationA4.7TransplantationA
Bonner Zoologischen Beitrage C Ecology
Borderlands E Geography
Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion DysregulationB4.3Psychiatry - SCIEB
Boreal Environment ResearchB1.3Environmental SciencesB
Borneo Research Bulletin D Area Studies
Borsa Istanbul ReviewA6.0Business, FinanceAEconomicsA
Bos Nieuwsletter E Forestry
Boston University Law ReviewB1.8LawB
Botswana Notes Ans Records C Area Studies
Boundary 2-An International Journal of Literature and CultureB0.3Cultural StudiesB
BragantiaB1.5Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryB
Brain and CognitionB2.8Psychology, ExperimentalB
Brain and LanguageA2.9LinguisticsAPsychology, ExperimentalB
Brain Behavior and ImmunityA11.5Psychiatry - SCIEA
Brain ImpairmentB1.5RehabilitationB
Brain InjuryB2.5RehabilitationB
Brazilian Journal of Physical TherapyA3.9RehabilitationA
Brazilian Journal of PsychiatryA5.3Psychiatry - SCIEAPsychiatry - SSCIA
Bres E Political Science
Britain and the WorldB0.2HistoryB
Britain Tanzania Society Bulletin D Area Studies
British Accounting ReviewA7.2Business, FinanceA
British Educational Research JournalB2.7Education & Educational ResearchB
British Food JournalB3.4Agricultural Economics and PolicyB
British Journal for the History of ScienceB0.9History and Philosophy of Science - SSCIB
British Journal for the Philosophy of ScienceA3.2History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEAHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIA
British Journal of Clinical PsychologyB3.8Psychology, ClinicalB
British Journal of CriminologyA3.0Criminology and PenologyA
British Journal of Developmental Disabilities C Education
British Journal of Developmental PsychologyB2.6Psychology, DevelopmentalB
British Journal of Educational PsychologyA4.1Psychology, EducationalA
British Journal of Educational StudiesB1.9Education & Educational ResearchB
British Journal of Educational TechnologyA6.4Education & Educational ResearchA
British Journal of General Practice C Psychology and Psychiatry
British Journal of Guidance & CounsellingB1.4Psychology, AppliedB
British Journal of Health PsychologyA6.2Psychology, ClinicalA
British Journal of In-Service Education C Education
British Journal of Industrial RelationsB2.7Industrial Relations and LaborB
British Journal of Learning DisabilitiesB1.7Education, SpecialB
British Journal of ManagementB6.5BusinessBManagementB
British Journal of Mathematical & Statistical PsychologyB2.9Psychology, ExperimentalBPsychology, MathematicalB
British Journal of Middle Eastern StudiesB1.0Area StudiesB
British Journal of Music EducationB1.7Education & Educational ResearchB
British Journal of Occupational TherapyB1.5RehabilitationB
British Journal of Political ScienceA5.0Political ScienceA
British Journal of Politics & International RelationsB2.3International RelationsBPolitical ScienceB
British Journal of Politics and International Relations C International Relations
British Journal of PsychiatryA11.1Psychiatry - SCIEAPsychiatry - SSCIA
British Journal of PsychologyA4.5Psychology, MultidisciplinaryA
British Journal of Religious EducationB0.9Education & Educational ResearchB
British Journal of Social PsychologyA5.3Psychology, SocialA
British Journal of Social WorkB2.0Social WorkB
British Journal of SociologyA3.4SociologyA
British Journal of Sociology of EducationB2.3Education & Educational ResearchBSociologyB
British PoliticsB1.2Political ScienceB
British Yearbook of International Law C Law
Bronnen voor de Studie van Afro-Surinaamse Samenlevingen E Area Studies
Brood en Rozen E Political Science
Brookings Papers on Economic ActivityA8.1EconomicsA
Brown Journal of World Affairs C Political Science
BRQ-Business Research QuarterlyB4.3BusinessBManagementB
Buffalo Law ReviewB0.6LawB
Built Environment C Geography
Bulletin de l'Apad et du Developpement D Development Studies
Bulletin de l'Institut Fundamental Dãfrique Noire. Serie B* Sciences Humaines C Anthropology
Bulletin des Sã‰ances D Anthropology
Bulletin Mã‰ga Tchad D Area Studies
Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars C Political Science
Bulletin of Economic ResearchB0.8EconomicsB
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and ToxicologyB2.5Environmental SciencesB
Bulletin of Gender Studies C Sociology
Bulletin of Geography D Health Policy and Services
Bulletin of Health Studies D Health Policy and Services
Bulletin of Indonesian Economic StudiesA3.1Area StudiesAEconomicsB
Bulletin of Latin American ResearchB0.8Area StudiesB
Bulletin of Latin American Studies C Area Studies
Bulletin of New Zealand Studies C Area Studies
Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural HistoryB3.2EcologyB
Bulletin of the Atomic ScientistsB1.4International RelationsBSocial IssuesB
Bulletin of the History of MedicineA1.2History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEAHealth Care Sciences and ServicesBHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIB
Bulletin of the Menninger ClinicA1.3Psychology, PsychoanalysisAPsychiatry - SSCIB
Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural HistoryB1.8EcologyB
Bulletin of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Transcultural Psychiatry D Psychiatry
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies C Area Studies
Bulletin of the World Health OrganizationA11.1Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
Bulletin Procape D Area Studies
Bundesgesundheitsblatt-Gesundheitsforschung-gesundheitsschutzB1.5Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Business & SocietyA7.7BusinessA
Business and PoliticsB2.4International RelationsBPolitical ScienceB
Business Economics C Business
Business Ethics QuarterlyA4.5EthicsABusinessB
Business Ethics the Environment & ResponsibilityB2.1BusinessBEthicsB
Business Ethics-A European ReviewA4.7EthicsABusinessB
Business HistoryA1.2History of Social SciencesABusinessB
Business History ReviewA1.5History of Social SciencesABusinessB
Business HorizonsA9.4BusinessA
Business Lawyer C Law
Business Process Management JournalB4.3BusinessBManagementB
Business Strategy and the EnvironmentA14.3BusinessAEnvironmental StudiesAManagementA
Bussines Horizons C Business
Bwalo D Area Studies
Cadernos de Estudos Africanos C Area Studies
Cadernos de Saude PublicaB2.5Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Cadernos do Desenvolvimento D Development Studies
Cadernos Metropole C Urban Studies
CadmoB0.2Education & Educational ResearchB
Cahier Africain D'administration Publique D Area Studies
Cahier Africains C Area Studies
Cahier d'Outre-Mer C Area Studies
Cahier de Sociologie Economique et Culturelle. Ethnopsychologie D Sociology
Cahiers Africains D'administration Publique D Economics
Cahiers AgriculturesB1.1Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryB
Cahiers d'Etudes Africaines C Area Studies
Cahiers des Ameriques Latines C Area Studies
Cahiers des Sciences Humaines D Sociology
Cahiers du Centre D’etudes des Mouvements Migratoires Maghrebins D Geography
Cahiers Genre et Developpement D Development Studies
Cahiers, d'Anthropologie du Droit D Anthropology
Cakrawala: Jurnal Penelitian Sosial E Political Science
Calidoscopio C Linguistics
California AgricultureB1.8Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryB
California Law ReviewA2.7LawA
California Management ReviewA13.5BusinessAManagementA
Cambridge Anthropology C Anthropology
Cambridge Journal of EconomicsB2.6EconomicsB
Cambridge Journal of EducationB2.2Education & Educational ResearchB
Cambridge Journal of Regions Economy and SocietyA6.2Development StudiesAEconomicsAGeographyA
Cambridge Law JournalB1.4LawB
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare EthicsB1.5Health Care Sciences and ServicesBHealth Policy and ServicesBSocial Sciences, BiomedicalB
Cambridge Review of International AffairsB2.3International RelationsBPolitical ScienceB
Campus-Wide Information Systems C Education
Canadian Diversity/diversite Canadienne D Anthropology
Canadian Geographies-Geographies CanadiennesB1.7GeographyB
Canadian Historical ReviewB0.3HistoryB
Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences-Revue Canadienne Des Sciences de L AdministrationB2.0BusinessBManagementB
Canadian Journal of African Historical Studies C History
Canadian Journal of African Studies; Revue Canadienne des Études Africaines C Area Studies
Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics-Revue Canadienne D AgroeconomieA5.2Agricultural Economics and PolicyAEconomicsA
Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science-Revue Canadienne des Sciences du ComportementB2.4Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Canadian Journal of Career Development C Economics
Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal JusticeB1.3Criminology and PenologyB
Canadian Journal of Development Studies-Revue Canadienne D Etudes du DeveloppementB2.2Development StudiesB
Canadian Journal of Economics-Revue Canadienne D EconomiqueB1.4EconomicsB
Canadian Journal of Environmental Education C Education
Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology-Revue Canadienne de Psychologie ExperimentaleB1.5Psychology, ExperimentalB
Canadian Journal of Forest ResearchB2.1ForestryB
Canadian Journal of History C History
Canadian Journal of History of Sport D Sociology
Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science-Revue Canadienne Des Sciences de L Information et de BibliotheconomieB0.3Information Science and Library ScienceB
Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies C Area Studies
Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy-Revue Canadienne D ErgotherapieB2.2RehabilitationB
Canadian Journal of Political Science-Revue Canadienne de science politiqueB2.4Political ScienceB
Canadian Journal of Population C Demography
Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation C Development Studies
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry-Revue Canadienne de PsychiatrieA5.1Psychiatry - SCIEAPsychiatry - SSCIA
Canadian Journal of Public Health-Revue Canadienne de Sante PubliqueB3.5Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Canadian Journal of School PsychologyB2.0Psychology, EducationalB
Canadian Journal of Sociology-Cahiers Canadiens de SociologieB1.1SociologyB
Canadian Journal on Aging-Revue Canadienne du VieillissementB2.1GerontologyB
Canadian Modern Language Review-Revue Canadienne des Langues VivantesB1.1LinguisticsB
Canadian Psychology-Psychologie CanadienneA4.2Psychology, MultidisciplinaryA
Canadian Public Administration-Administration Publique du CanadaB1.2Public AdministrationB
Canadian Public Policy-Analyse de PolitiquesB2.0EconomicsBPublic AdministrationB
Canadian Review of Sociology-Revue Canadienne de SociologieB2.0SociologyB
Canadian Studies in PopulationB2.0DemographyB
Canadian Water Resources JournalB1.8Water ResourcesB
Canberra Anthropology C Anthropology
Cancer Causes & ControlB2.8Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Cancer EpidemiologyB2.9Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & PreventionA4.8Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
Cancer NursingA2.9NursingA D Development Studies
Capital and Class C Economics
Capitalism Nature Socialism C Political Science
Carbon Balance and ManagementA5.4Environmental SciencesA
Carbon ManagementB3.6Environmental SciencesBEnvironmental StudiesB
Career Development and Transition for Exceptional IndividualsA2.6Education, SpecialARehabilitationB
Career Development InternationalA4.7Psychology, AppliedAManagementB
Career Development QuarterlyB3.1Psychology, AppliedB
Caribbean Studies D Area Studies
Caribnet; Journal of the Caribbean Studies International Network D Area Studies
Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy D Public Administration
Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental SciencesB1.0Environmental SciencesB
Carre E Development Studies
Cartographic JournalB0.9GeographyB
Cartographica C Geography
Cartography and Geographic Information ScienceB2.3GeographyB
Cartography, Journal of the Mapping Science Institute D Geography
Cat News E Geography
CATENAA6.4Water ResourcesA
Catholic University Law ReviewB0.2LawB
Cato Journal C Economics
Caucaus and Central Asia D Area Studies
Ccis Anthologies, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies D Geography
Ceiba C Development Studies
Celebrity StudiesA2.1Cultural StudiesA
Cell TransplantationA4.5TransplantationA
CentaurusB1.0History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEBHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIB
Centraal Weekblad E Anthropology
Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst D Area Studies
Central Asian SurveyA1.9Area StudiesA
Central Eurasion Studies Review D Area Studies
Central European Journal of Public HealthB1.3Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Central European Political Science Review C Political Science
Centro Journal C Area Studies
CEPAL ReviewB0.9EconomicsB
Cepal Review/revista de la Cepal C Area Studies
Ceres Newsletter E Development Studies
Cesifo Economic StudiesB1.6EconomicsB
Ceskoslovenska PsychologieB0.5Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Cesky Lid-Ethnologicky Casopis C Anthropology
Cgiar News D Geography
Challenge of Peace C Political Science
Change: Transformations in Education C Education
Chemical and Biological Technologies in AgricultureA6.6Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryA
Chemistry and EcologyB2.0EcologyBEnvironmental SciencesB
Chemistry Education Research and PracticeB3.0Education & Educational ResearchB
ChemosphereA8.3Environmental SciencesA
Chiang Mai Journal of ScienceB0.6Multidisciplinary SciencesB
Child & Family Behavior TherapyB1.1Family StudiesBPsychology, ClinicalB
Child & Family Social WorkB2.1Family StudiesBSocial WorkB
Child & Youth Care ForumB2.1Psychology, DevelopmentalB
Child Abuse & NeglectA5.4Family StudiesAPsychology, SocialASocial WorkA
Child Abuse ReviewB1.7Family StudiesBSocial WorkB
Child and Adolescent Mental HealthA4.4Psychology, ClinicalAPsychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIB
Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North AmericaB2.8Psychiatry - SSCIB
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental HealthA5.0Psychiatry - SSCIAPsychiatry - SCIEB
Child and Adolescent Social Work JournalB2.1Social WorkB
Child and Family and Social Work C Sociology
Child Care Health and DevelopmentB2.9Psychology, DevelopmentalB
Child DevelopmentA5.9Psychology, DevelopmentalAPsychology, EducationalA
Child Development PerspectivesA8.6Psychology, DevelopmentalA
Child Indicators ResearchB2.7Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
Child Language Teaching & TherapyB1.8Education, SpecialBLinguisticsB
Child MaltreatmentA5.3Family StudiesASocial WorkA
Child Psychiatry & Human DevelopmentB2.9Psychiatry - SSCIBPsychology, DevelopmentalB
Child WelfareB1.1Family StudiesBSocial WorkB
Childhood in Africa C Family Studies
Childhood-A Global Journal of Child ResearchB2.4Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
Children & SocietyB1.9Social WorkB
Children and Youth Services ReviewA3.3Family StudiesASocial WorkA
Children in Action E Sociology
Childrens GeographiesB2.5GeographyB
Childrens Health CareB1.0Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Chilean Journal of Agricultural ResearchB1.8Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryB
China & World EconomyA3.4EconomicsA
China Agricultural Economic ReviewA4.6Agricultural Economics and PolicyAEconomicsA
China and World Economy C Economics
China CDC WeeklyA4.6Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
China Economic ReviewA6.8EconomicsA
China InformationA1.9Area StudiesA
China JournalA4.8Area StudiesA
China Ocean EngineeringB1.4Water ResourcesB
China PerspectivesA1.8Area StudiesA
China QuarterlyA3.5Area StudiesA
China Review-An Interdisciplinary Journal on Greater ChinaA2.0Area StudiesA
China-An International JournalB0.7Area StudiesB
Chinese Geographical ScienceB3.6Environmental SciencesB
Chinese Journal of CommunicationB3.5CommunicationB
Chinese Journal of International LawB1.1International RelationsBLawB
Chinese Journal of International PoliticsA2.7International RelationsA
Chinese Journal of New Drugs D Substance Abuse
Chinese Law and Government C Law
Chinese Management StudiesB2.5ManagementB
Chinese Review of International Law C Law
Chinese Sociological ReviewA3.1SociologyA
Chinese Sociology and Anthropology C Anthropology
Chiropractic & Manual TherapiesB2.4RehabilitationB
Chirstendemocratische Verkenningen D Political Science
Chronic Diseases and Injuries in Canada C Health Policy and Services
Chronic Diseases in Canada C Health Policy and Services
Chronic IllnessB1.6Health Care Sciences and ServicesBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Chronicle E Political Science
Chul. Journal of Economics D Economics
Chungara-Revista de Antropologia ChilenaB0.9AnthropologyB
Ciencas Ambientales C Geography
Ciencia & Saude ColetivaB1.7Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Ciencia e AgrotecnologiaB1.6Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryB
Ciencia FlorestalB0.6ForestryB
Ciencia, Tecnologia y Sociedad D Sociology
Ciencias Sociais Unisinos C Sociology
Ciencias Sociales y Religion/ciencias Sociais e Religiao C Anthropology
CIN-Computers Informatics NursingB2.0NursingB
Circulo de Linguistica Aplicada a la ComunicacionB0.4LinguisticsB
CitiesA7.6Urban StudiesA
Citizenship StudiesB1.9Political ScienceB
City & CommunityB2.5SociologyBUrban StudiesB
City & Society C Geography
City Journal. Wetenschappelijk Tijdschrift voor Stedelijk Onderzoek in de Praktijk D Geography
Ciudades: Revista del Red Nacional de Investigacion Urbana D Geography
Civil SzemleB0.3Public AdministrationB
Civil Wars C Political Science
Civilisations C Political Science
Civis Mundi: Tijdschrift voor Politieke Filosofie en Cultuur E Political Science
Clean Technologies and Environmental PolicyB4.1Environmental SciencesB
CLEAN-Soil Air WaterB1.9Environmental SciencesBWater ResourcesB
Climate C Environmental Studies and Sciences
Climate and DevelopmentA4.6Development StudiesAEnvironmental StudiesA
Climate Change EconomicsB2.0EconomicsBEnvironmental StudiesB
Climate PolicyA6.1Environmental StudiesAPublic AdministrationA
Climate ResearchB1.8Environmental SciencesB
Climate Risk ManagementA6.1Environmental SciencesAEnvironmental StudiesA
Climate ServicesB3.2*Environmental SciencesBEnvironmental StudiesB
Climatic ChangeA5.3Environmental SciencesA
Clinica y SaludB1.5Psychology, ClinicalB
Clinical Case StudiesB1.0Psychiatry - SSCIBPsychology, ClinicalB
Clinical Child and Family Psychology ReviewA8.0Psychology, ClinicalA
Clinical Child Psychology and PsychiatryB2.2Psychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIBPsychology - SCIEBPsychology, ClinicalBPsychology, DevelopmentalB
Clinical EEG and NeuroscienceB2.0Psychiatry - SCIEBPsychology - SCIEB
Clinical EpidemiologyA5.1Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health C Health Policy and Services
Clinical GerontologistB3.0GerontologyBPsychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIB
Clinical Journal of Oncology NursingB1.3NursingB
Clinical Linguistics & PhoneticsB1.4LinguisticsBRehabilitationB
Clinical NeuropsychologistA3.8Psychology - SCIEAPsychology, ClinicalB
Clinical Nurse SpecialistB1.3NursingB
Clinical Nursing ResearchB2.0NursingB
Clinical Psychological ScienceA6.3Psychiatry - SCIEAPsychology - SCIEAPsychology, ClinicalA
Clinical PsychologistB2.1Psychology - SCIEBPsychology, ClinicalB
Clinical Psychology & PsychotherapyB3.6Psychology, ClinicalB
Clinical Psychology ReviewA16.3Psychology, ClinicalA
Clinical Psychology-Science and PracticeA7.8Psychology, ClinicalA
Clinical RehabilitationA3.9RehabilitationA
Clinical Simulation in NursingA2.9NursingA
Clinical Social Work JournalA2.6Social WorkA
Clinical TransplantationB2.4TransplantationB
CliometricaA1.9HistoryAHistory of Social SciencesAEconomicsB
Clothing and Textiles Research JournalB2.1BusinessBSocial Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
CNS DrugsA6.2Psychiatry - SCIEA
CNS SpectrumsB3.8Psychiatry - SCIEB
Coastal ManagementB2.6Environmental SciencesBEnvironmental StudiesB
Codesria Bulletin C Development Studies
Cogent Food & AgricultureA2.6Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryA
CognitionA4.0Psychology, ExperimentalA
Cognition & EmotionB3.0Psychology, ExperimentalB
Cognition and InstructionA4.4Psychology, EducationalAPsychology, ExperimentalA
Cognition Technology & WorkB2.8ErgonomicsB
Cognitive and Behavioral PracticeB3.2Psychology, ClinicalB
Cognitive Behaviour TherapyA5.7Psychology, ClinicalA
Cognitive DevelopmentB2.3Psychology, DevelopmentalBPsychology, ExperimentalB
Cognitive LinguisticsA2.2LinguisticsA
Cognitive NeuropsychiatryB1.9Psychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIBPsychology - SCIEBPsychology, ExperimentalB
Cognitive ProcessingB2.1Psychology, ExperimentalB
Cognitive PsychologyA3.8Psychology - SCIEAPsychology, ExperimentalA
Cognitive Research-Principles and ImplicationsA4.1Psychology, ExperimentalA
Cognitive ScienceB2.8Psychology, ExperimentalB
Cognitive Systems ResearchA3.8Psychology, ExperimentalA
Cognitive Therapy and ResearchB3.2Psychology, ClinicalB
Cold War HistoryA0.9HistoryA
Collabra-PsychologyB3.2Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
College & Research LibrariesB1.9Information Science and Library ScienceB
College Student Journal C Education
Collegium Antropologicum C Anthropology
Colonial Latin American Historical Review (CLAHR) C Political Science
Colonial Latin American Review C Area Studies
Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy D Law
Columbia Journal of International Law C International Relations
Columbia Journal of Law and Social ProblemsB0.4LawBSocial IssuesB
Columbia Journal of Transitional Law C Law
Columbia Journal of Transnational LawB0.8International RelationsBLawB
Columbia Law ReviewA3.1LawA
Comenius E Sociology
Commentary C Political Science
Commercio Exterior E Economics
Commodity Frontiers D Ecology
Common Market Law ReviewA2.2LawAInternational RelationsB
Commonwealth and Comparative Politics C Political Science
Commonwealth Forestry News C Forestry
Commonwealth Forestry Review D Forestry
Communicare: Journal for Communication Sciences in Southern Africa C Communication
Communication & SportB2.8CommunicationBHospitality, Leisure, Sport, and TourismB
Communication and Cognition C Sociology
Communication and Critical-Cultural StudiesA2.1Cultural StudiesACommunicationB
Communication Culture & CritiqueB1.9CommunicationB
Communication Disorders QuarterlyB1.2RehabilitationB
Communication Methods and MeasuresA10.5CommunicationA
Communication MonographsA6.8CommunicationA
Communication ResearchA5.5CommunicationA
Communication TheoryA4.0CommunicationA
Communications Earth & EnvironmentA7.9Environmental SciencesA
Communications-European Journal of Communication ResearchB1.8CommunicationB
Communist and Post-Communist StudiesB1.0International RelationsBPolitical ScienceB
Communities and Identities D Anthropology
Community Dentistry and Oral EpidemiologyB2.6Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Community Development JournalB1.4Development StudiesB
Community EcologyB1.8EcologyB
Community Mental Health JournalB2.6Health Policy and ServicesBPsychiatry - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Community, Work and Society D Psychology and Psychiatry
Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa (CILSA) C Law
Comparative EducationB3.1Education & Educational ResearchB
Comparative Education ReviewB2.4Education & Educational ResearchB
Comparative Educationâ  C Education
Comparative European PoliticsB1.7Political ScienceB
Comparative Migration StudiesA3.5*DemographyA
Comparative Political StudiesA5.7Political ScienceA
Comparative PoliticsB2.7Political ScienceB
Comparative Studies in Society and HistoryA1.4HistoryAAnthropologyBSociologyB
Compare-A Journal of Comparative and International EducationB1.9Education & Educational ResearchB
Compas Magazine for Endogenous Development D Development Studies
Compass Newsletter D Geography
Competition & ChangeA3.5EconomicsAGeographyABusinessB
Competition and Change C Sociology
ComplexityB2.3Multidisciplinary SciencesB
Comprehensive PsychiatryA5.1Psychiatry - SCIEAPsychiatry - SSCIA
Comptabilite Controle AuditB1.0Business, FinanceB
Comptes Rendus de L Academie Bulgare des SciencesB0.3Multidisciplinary SciencesB
Computational and Mathematical Organization TheoryB2.2Social Sciences, Mathematical MethodsB
Computational EconomicsB1.8EconomicsBManagementB
Computational LinguisticsA6.2LinguisticsA
Computer Assisted Language LearningA7.4Education & Educational ResearchALinguisticsA
Computer Law & Security ReviewA2.9LawA
Computers & EducationA12.6Education & Educational ResearchA
Computers and Electronics in AgricultureA8.3Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryA
Computers Environment and Urban SystemsA7.0Environmental StudiesAGeographyARegional and Urban PlanningA
Computers in Human BehaviorA10.2Psychology, ExperimentalAPsychology, MultidisciplinaryA
Comunicacion y Sociedade C Communication
ComunicarA5.6CommunicationAEducation & Educational ResearchA
Concepts of Transformations C Political Science
Configurations C History and Philosophy of Science
Conflict and HealthA3.9Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEB
Conflict Management and Peace ScienceA2.5International RelationsA
Conflict, Peace and Development D Political Science
Conflict, Security and Development C Political Science
Congo-Afrique D Area Studies
Congo-Meuse D Area Studies
Consciousness and CognitionB2.8Psychology, ExperimentalB
Conservation & Recycling C Environmental Studies and Sciences
Conservation & SocietyB2.6Environmental StudiesB
Conservation BiologyA6.5EcologyAEnvironmental SciencesA
Conservation PhysiologyB3.0EcologyBEnvironmental SciencesB
Consumption Markets & CultureB2.5BusinessB
Contemporary Accounting ResearchA4.9Business, FinanceA
Contemporary Africa C Area Studies
Contemporary Arab Affairs C Economics
Contemporary Economic PolicyB1.4EconomicsBPublic AdministrationB
Contemporary Educational PsychologyA8.0Psychology, EducationalA
Contemporary European HistoryA1.0HistoryA
Contemporary Family Therapy C Psychology and Psychiatry
Contemporary Islam C Anthropology
Contemporary Legend C Political Science
Contemporary NurseB2.1NursingB
Contemporary PacificB0.7Area StudiesB
Contemporary Policy Issues D Political Science
Contemporary Political TheoryB1.6Political ScienceB
Contemporary PoliticsB2.3Political ScienceB
Contemporary Problems of EcologyB0.8EcologyB
Contemporary PsychoanalysisB0.5Psychiatry - SSCIBPsychology, PsychoanalysisB
Contemporary Security PolicyA3.8International RelationsAPolitical ScienceA
Contemporary Sociology-A Journal of ReviewsB0.8SociologyB
Contemporary South AsiaB1.4Area StudiesB
Contemporary Southeast AsiaB1.4Area StudiesBInternational RelationsBPolitical ScienceB
Continuity and ChangeB0.9Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
Continuum-Journal of Media & Cultural StudiesB1.0CommunicationBCultural StudiesB
Contouren E Sociology
Contribution to African Development Perspectives C Area Studies
Contributions to Indian SociologyB0.8SociologyB
Convergence-The International Journal of Research Into New Media TechnologiesB2.9CommunicationB
Convergencia-Revista de Ciencias SocialesB1.0SociologyB
Cooperatie Magazine E Economics
Cooperation and ConflictA2.8International RelationsAPolitical ScienceA
Copernicus News E Geography
Cornell Hospitality QuarterlyA3.5SociologyAHospitality, Leisure, Sport, and TourismBManagementB
Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy C Law
Cornell Law ReviewA2.2LawA
Corporate Governance the International Journal of Effective Board Performance C Management
Corporate Governance-An International ReviewA5.6Business, FinanceABusinessBManagementB
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental ManagementA10.6BusinessAEnvironmental StudiesAManagementA
Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic TheoryB1.9LinguisticsB
Correspondenten Contact P.J. Meertens-Instituut E Sociology
CortexA4.3Psychology, ExperimentalA
Cost Effectiveness and Resource AllocationB2.4Health Policy and ServicesB
Counseling PsychologistB3.8Psychology, AppliedB
Courier Crossroads E Development Studies
Courrier des Pays de L' Est D Development Studies
Creativity and Innovation ManagementB4.3ManagementB
Creativity Research JournalB2.8Psychology, EducationalBPsychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Crime & DelinquencyA2.6Criminology and PenologyA
Crime Law and Social ChangeB1.5Criminology and PenologyBSocial Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
Crime Media CultureB2.1Criminology and PenologyBSociologyB
Criminal Behaviour and Mental HealthB1.6Criminology and PenologyBPsychiatry - SSCIB
Criminal Justice and BehaviorA2.5Criminology and PenologyAPsychology, ClinicalB
Criminal Law Forum C Law
Criminal Law Review C Criminology and Penology
CriminologyA6.7Criminology and PenologyA
Criminology & Criminal JusticeB2.2Criminology and PenologyB
Criminology & Public PolicyA4.2Criminology and PenologyA
Crisis-The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide PreventionB3.3Psychiatry - SSCIBPsychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Critical Arts C Sociology
Critical Arts-South-North Cultural and Media StudiesB0.4Cultural StudiesB
Critical Asian StudiesA2.5Area StudiesA
Critical Care NurseB2.0NursingB
Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North AmericaB1.9NursingB
Critical CriminologyB2.1Criminology and PenologyB
Critical Discourse StudiesB2.1CommunicationB
Critical InquiryA1.6Cultural StudiesA
Critical Perspectives on AccountingA4.6Business, FinanceA
Critical Policy StudiesB1.9Political ScienceBPublic AdministrationB
Critical Public HealthB2.8Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIBSocial Sciences, BiomedicalB
Critical ReviewB0.9Political ScienceB
Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and TechnologyA13.6Environmental SciencesA
Critical Social PolicyA3.0Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryASocial IssuesB
Critical SociologyB2.0SociologyB
Critical Studies - Critical Methodologies C Sociology
Critical Studies in EducationA3.8Education & Educational ResearchA
Critical Studies in Media CommunicationB1.7CommunicationB
Critique Internationale C Political Science
Critique of AnthropologyB1.5AnthropologyB
Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies C Area Studies
Critiques of Dominant Future Studies D Political Science
Croatian Journal of Education-Hrvatski Casopis Za Odgoj i ObrazovanjeB0.3Education & Educational ResearchB
Croatian Journal of Ethnology and Folklore Research C Anthropology
Croatian Journal of Forest EngineeringA3.0ForestryA
Crocodile Specialist Group Newsletter D Geography
Crop & Pasture ScienceB2.2Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryB
Cross Cultural & Strategic ManagementB3.1ManagementB
Cross Cultural Management-An International Journal C Management
Cross-Cultural ResearchB2.7Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
CryptologiaB0.7History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEB
Csa Political Science & Government: a Guide to Periodical Literature D Political Science
Cuadernos Americanos (Mã‰xico) E Area Studies
Cuadernos de Antropologia Social C Anthropology
Cuadernos de Ciencias Sociales E Sociology
Cuadernos de Desarrollo RuralB0.7Agriculture, MultidisciplinaryB
Cuadernos de Economia y Direccion de la Empresa C Business
Cuadernos de Historia Latinoamericana (AHILA) E Political Science
Cuadernos de Pedagogia D Education
Cuadernos de Relaciones Laborales C Economics
Cuadernos del Cedla D Area Studies
Cuarto Intermedio E Sociology
Cuestiones Economicas D Economics
Cul! E Anthropology
Cultivos Tropicales D Area Studies
Cultural AnthropologyA3.8AnthropologyA
Cultural CritiqueB0.2Cultural StudiesB
Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority PsychologyA4.0Ethnic StudiesAPsychology, SocialB
Cultural Dynamics C Anthropology
Cultural GeographiesB1.9Environmental StudiesBGeographyB
Cultural Health & Sexuality C Social Sciences, Biomedical
Cultural SociologyB2.3SociologyB
Cultural StudiesA1.6Cultural StudiesAAnthropologyB
Cultural Studies of Science EducationB1.3Cultural StudiesBEducation & Educational ResearchB
Cultural Studies-Critical MethodologiesB1.0Cultural StudiesB
Cultural Survival Quarterly C Anthropology
Cultural TrendsA2.4Cultural StudiesASocial Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
Culture & Agriculture C Agriculture
Culture & History Digital JournalB0.3HistoryB
Culture & PsychologyB1.5Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Culture and EducationB1.7Education & Educational ResearchB
Culture and OrganizationB1.6ManagementB
Culture and Religion C Anthropology
Culture Health & SexualityB2.5Family StudiesBSocial Sciences, BiomedicalB
Culture Medicine and PsychiatryB1.8AnthropologyBPsychiatry - SSCIBSocial Sciences, BiomedicalB
Culture, Health and Society C Sociology
Cultures Sud (Voortzetting van Notre Librairie) D Anthropology
Cultus E Anthropology
Cultuur, Migratie en Gezondheid D Anthropology
Cultuurstudies D Anthropology
Curare, Journal of Ethnomedicine and Transcultural Psychiatry D Psychology and Psychiatry
Current Addiction ReportsA4.3*Substance AbuseA
Current AnthropologyA3.3AnthropologyA
Current Conservation D Environmental Studies and Sciences
Current Directions in Psychological ScienceA9.2Psychology, MultidisciplinaryA
Current Environmental Health ReportsA7.9*Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
Current Epidemiology ReportsB3.3*Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Current Forestry ReportsA10.0ForestryA
Current HistoryB0.9International RelationsBPolitical ScienceB
Current Issues in Economics and Finance D Economics
Current Issues in Language and Society C Sociology
Current Issues in Language PlanningA2.2LinguisticsAEducation & Educational ResearchB
Current Issues in TourismA7.6Hospitality, Leisure, Sport, and TourismA
Current Legal ProblemsB1.5LawB
Current Opinion in Behavioral SciencesA5.5Psychology, ExperimentalA
Current Opinion in Environmental SustainabilityA8.5Environmental SciencesA
Current Opinion in Insect ScienceA6.0EcologyA
Current Opinion in Organ TransplantationB2.3TransplantationB
Current Opinion in PsychiatryA6.3Psychiatry - SCIEAPsychiatry - SSCIA
Current Opinion in PsychologyA7.3Psychology, MultidisciplinaryA
Current Opinion in Supportive and Palliative CareB2.5Health Care Sciences and ServicesB
Current Pollution ReportsA7.7Environmental SciencesAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
Current Psychiatry ReportsA8.9Psychiatry - SCIEAPsychiatry - SSCIA
Current PsychologyB2.8Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Current ScienceB1.1Multidisciplinary SciencesB
Current SociologyB2.5SociologyB
Current World Leader D Political Science
Current Writing C Sociology
Currents C Sociology
Curriculum and Teaching C Education
Curriculum InquiryB2.2Education & Educational ResearchB
Curriculum MattersB0.6Education & Educational ResearchB
Curriculum Studies E Education
Custos e Agronegocio On LineB0.4Agricultural Economics and PolicyB
Cyberpsychology & Behavior C Communication
Cyberpsychology Behavior and Social NetworkingA6.3Psychology, SocialA
Cyberpsychology-Journal of Psychosocial Research on CyberspaceA4.3CommunicationAPsychology, MultidisciplinaryA
Cyprus Journal of Sciences C Area Studies
D+c, Development and Cooperation D Development Studies
Dã‰rades: Revue Caribã‰enne de Recherches et D'etanges E Area Studies
Dados-Revista de Ciencias SociaisB0.5Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
DaedalusB2.0Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
Daimon, Annuario di Diritto Comparato Delle Religioni C Anthropology
Danish Journal of Geography/geografisk Tidsskrift C Geography
Das Argument E Sociology
DASP - Hefte Angola D Area Studies
DASP - Hefte Mosambik D Area Studies
DASP - Hefte Reihe D Area Studies
Data Base for Advances in Information SystemsB2.8Information Science and Library ScienceB
Data Intelligence C Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
Data Technologies and ApplicationsB1.9Information Science and Library ScienceB
De Academische Boekengids D Economics
De Gids E Sociology
De Koerden D Area Studies
De Levende Natuur D Geography
De Psycholoog D Psychology and Psychiatry
De Rerum Natura D Geography
De Supporter E Sociology
Death StudiesA3.2Social IssuesASocial Sciences, BiomedicalAPsychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Debates do Ner C Anthropology
Debato Agrario D Geography
Decision AnalysisB1.8ManagementBManagementB
Defacto D Sociology
Defence and Peace EconomicsB1.7EconomicsB
Defence Science JournalB0.8Multidisciplinary SciencesB
Defense and Security Analysis C Political Science
Demain Le Monde E Development Studies
Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive DisordersB3.0Psychiatry - SCIEB
Dementia-International Journal of Social Research and PracticeB2.6GerontologyB
Democracies D Political Science
Democracy & Development, Journal of West African Affairs D Political Science
Democracy and Security C Political Science
Democratic Communique E Political Science
DemocratizationA3.1Political ScienceA
Demographic ResearchB2.5DemographyB
Demos D Geography
Den Ny Verden D Political Science
Denver Law ReviewB0.6LawB
Denver University Law Review C Law
Depression and AnxietyA7.5Psychiatry - SCIEAPsychiatry - SSCIAPsychology - SCIEAPsychology, ClinicalA
Der Moderne Staat: Zeitschrift Fã»r Public Policy, Recht und Management D Political Science
Der Ueberblick D Education
Derde Wereld E Area Studies
Desacatos C Anthropology
DesalinationA9.7Water ResourcesA
Desalination and Water TreatmentB1.1Water ResourcesB
Desarrollo Economico C Economics
Deshima D Area Studies
Deutsch Als Fremdsprache C Education
Deutschunterricht C Education
Develop E Development Studies
Developing EconomiesB1.6Development StudiesBEconomicsB
Developing World BioethicsA2.2EthicsA
Development D Development Studies
Development and ChangeA3.2Development StudiesA
Development and Cooperation D Development Studies
Development and PsychopathologyA4.1Psychology, DevelopmentalA
Development Dialogue D Development Studies
Development Engineering C Development Studies
Development in Practice C Development Studies
Development in Practice Dialogue D Development Studies
Development Issues E Development Studies
Development Journal of Sid C Development Studies
Development Outreach E Development Studies
Development Policy Journal D Development Studies
Development Policy ReviewB1.8Development StudiesB
Development Southern AfricaB1.5Development StudiesB
Development Studies C Development Studies
Development Studies Research C Development Studies
Developmental Cognitive NeuroscienceA6.9Psychology, DevelopmentalA
Developmental NeuropsychologyB2.1Psychology - SCIEBPsychology, DevelopmentalBPsychology, ExperimentalB
Developmental NeurorehabilitationB1.7RehabilitationB
Developmental PsychobiologyB2.3Psychology - SCIEB
Developmental PsychologyA5.0Psychology, DevelopmentalA
Developmental ReviewA9.8Psychology, DevelopmentalA
Developmental ScienceA4.8Psychology, DevelopmentalAPsychology, ExperimentalA
Deviance et SocieteB0.3Criminology and PenologyBSociologyB
Deviant BehaviorB1.7Criminology and PenologyBPsychology, SocialBSociologyB
Diabetes EducatorB3.2Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
DiagnosticaB1.3Psychology, ClinicalB
Dialectical Anthropology C Anthropology
Dialectologia et GeolinguisticaB0.2LinguisticsB
Dialogue C Political Science
Dialogues in Human GeographyA22.0GeographyA
Diaspora C Geography
Didactica Slovenica-Pedagoska Obzorja C Education
Die Erde C Geography
Die Weltwirtschaft D Economics
Differences-A Journal of Feminist Cultural StudiesB0.5Cultural StudiesBWomen's StudiesB
Difi Family Research and Proceedings C Family Studies
Digital HealthA4.4Health Care Sciences and ServicesAHealth Policy and ServicesAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIA
Digital JournalismA6.4CommunicationA
Digital Scholarship in the HumanitiesB0.9LinguisticsB
Diplomacy & StatecraftB0.5HistoryBInternational RelationsB
Diplomacy and Statecraft C Political Science
Diplomatic HistoryB0.7HistoryB
Disability & SocietyA2.7RehabilitationASocial Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
Disability and Health JournalA4.0Health Care Sciences and ServicesAHealth Policy and ServicesAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIARehabilitationAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEB
Disability and RehabilitationB2.5RehabilitationB
Disability and Rehabilitation-Assistive TechnologyB2.4RehabilitationB
Disarmament Forum (UNIDIR) D Political Science
Disaster Advances C Water Resources
Disaster Medicine and Public Health PreparednessB2.3Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Disaster Prevention and ManagementB2.1Environmental StudiesBManagementBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Disaster Sites D Geography
DisastersA3.2Social Sciences, InterdisciplinaryAEnvironmental StudiesB
Discourse & CommunicationB2.3CommunicationB
Discourse & SocietyB2.0CommunicationBPsychology, MultidisciplinaryBSociologyB
Discourse Context & MediaB2.3CommunicationB
Discourse ProcessesB2.5Psychology, EducationalBPsychology, ExperimentalB
Discourse StudiesB2.2CommunicationB
Discourse-Studies in the Cultural Politics of EducationB2.0Education & Educational ResearchB
Discover SocietyD
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and SocietyB1.3Multidisciplinary SciencesB
Disease Management C Health
Disease Management & Health Outcomes C Health Care Sciences and Services
Diskus E Political Science
disPB1.3Regional and Urban PlanningB
Dispute Resolution Journal D Development Studies
DissentB0.7Political ScienceBSocial IssuesB
Distance EducationA6.9Education & Educational ResearchA
Diversity and DistributionsA5.0EcologyA
Diving and Hyperbaric MedicineB1.1Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Doctrine and Life C Political Science
Documents D'analisi Geografica C Geography
DreamingB1.6Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Droit et Cultures C Political Science
Drug and Alcohol DependenceA4.5Psychiatry - SSCIASubstance AbuseAPsychiatry - SCIEB
Drug and Alcohol ReviewB3.5Substance AbuseB
Drug Information Journal C Health Care Sciences and Services
Drug SafetyA4.3Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEB
Drugs-Education Prevention and PolicyB1.7Substance AbuseB
Drustvena IstrazivanjaB0.8Social IssuesBSociologyB
Du Bois Review-Social Science Research on RaceB2.0Ethnic StudiesBSociologyB
Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum D Law
Duke Law JournalA2.2LawA
Dutch Crossing-Journal of Low Countries StudiesB0.3HistoryB
Dve Domovini - Two Homelands C Social Issues
DynamisB0.7History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEBHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIB
DyslexiaA2.7Education, SpecialARehabilitationAPsychology, EducationalB
E & M Ekonomie a ManagementB1.3EconomicsBManagementB
E Label D Economics
E+z Zeitschrift Fãœr Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit D Development Studies
Eadi Newsletter D Development Studies
Early Child Development and CareB1.5Education & Educational ResearchBPsychology, DevelopmentalB
Early Childhood Development C Education
Early Childhood Education JournalB2.6Education & Educational ResearchB
Early Childhood Research QuarterlyA4.4Education & Educational ResearchAPsychology, DevelopmentalA
Early Education and DevelopmentB3.2Education & Educational ResearchBPsychology, DevelopmentalBPsychology, EducationalB
Early Intervention in PsychiatryB2.3Psychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIB
Early Science and MedicineB0.5History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEB
Early YearsB1.1Education & Educational ResearchB
Earth Sciences HistoryB0.2History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEBHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIB
Earth's FutureA9.2Environmental SciencesA
East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights D Political Science
East Asia an International Quarterly C Area Studies
East Asian Science Technology and Society-An International JournalB0.9Area StudiesBHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIB
East European PoliticsA3.0Area StudiesAPolitical ScienceA
East European Politics and SocietiesB1.1Area StudiesBPolitical ScienceB
East European Quarterly C Area Studies
Eastern Africa Law Review D Law
Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review C Sociology
Eastern African Journal of Rural Development C Geography
Eastern European CountrysideB0.6SociologyB
Eastern European EconomicsB1.2EconomicsB
Eastern Mediterranean Health JournalB2.0Health Care Sciences and ServicesBHealth Policy and ServicesBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Eating and Weight Disorders-Studies on Anorexia Bulimia and ObesityB3.4Psychiatry - SCIEB
Eating BehaviorsB3.0Psychiatry - SSCIBPsychology, ClinicalB
Eating DisordersB2.9Psychiatry - SCIEBPsychiatry - SSCIBPsychology - SCIEBPsychology, ClinicalB
EC-ACP Courier E Development Studies
Eco Americas E Ecology
Eco Decision D Ecology
Eco Mont-Journal on Protected Mountain Areas ResearchB0.5EcologyB
EcohealthB2.9Environmental SciencesB
EcohydrologyB2.9EcologyBEnvironmental SciencesBWater ResourcesB
Ecohydrology & HydrobiologyB3.0EcologyBWater ResourcesB
Ecological ApplicationsA5.2EcologyAEnvironmental SciencesA
Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S-chemia i Inzynieria Ekologiczna sB1.7Environmental SciencesB
Ecological ComplexityB2.9EcologyB
Ecological EconomicsA7.5EcologyAEconomicsAEnvironmental SciencesAEnvironmental StudiesA
Ecological EngineeringA4.3EcologyAEnvironmental SciencesB
Ecological IndicatorsA6.6Environmental SciencesA
Ecological InformaticsA4.9EcologyA
Ecological Management & RestorationB1.8EcologyB
Ecological ModellingB3.1EcologyB
Ecological MonographsA8.7EcologyA
Ecological ProcessesA4.6EcologyAEnvironmental SciencesB
Ecological PsychologyB2.4Psychology, ExperimentalB
Ecological ResearchB2.1EcologyB
Ecological RestorationB1.3EcologyB
Ecologie en Ontwikkeling E Ecology
Ecology and EvolutionB3.0EcologyB
Ecology and SocietyA5.4EcologyAEnvironmental StudiesA
Ecology LettersA9.8EcologyA
Econ Journal WatchB0.6EconomicsB
Economen Bulletin E Economics
Economenblad E Economics
Econometric ReviewsB1.6EconomicsBSocial Sciences, Mathematical MethodsB
Econometric TheoryB1.3EconomicsBSocial Sciences, Mathematical MethodsB
EconometricaA7.5EconomicsASocial Sciences, Mathematical MethodsA
Econometrics JournalA3.8EconomicsASocial Sciences, Mathematical MethodsA
Economia C Education
Economia Chilena C Economics
Economia Mexicana-Nueva Epoca C Economics
Economia PoliticaB1.6EconomicsB
Economic Analysis and PolicyA5.2EconomicsA
Economic and Industrial DemocracyB2.0Industrial Relations and LaborB
Economic and Labour Relations ReviewB2.5EconomicsBIndustrial Relations and LaborB
Economic and Political Weekly C Economics
Economic and Social ReviewB0.9EconomicsBSociologyB
Economic AnthropologyB1.5AnthropologyB
Economic Bulletin, National Bank of Egypt D Economics
Economic Change and RestructuringB2.8EconomicsB
Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and ResearchB0.8EconomicsB
Economic Development and Cultural ChangeA2.3Area StudiesADevelopment StudiesBEconomicsB
Economic Development QuarterlyB1.9Development StudiesBEconomicsBUrban StudiesB
Economic GeographyA13.9EconomicsAGeographyA
Economic History of Developing Regions C Development Studies
Economic History ReviewA1.9HistoryAHistory of Social SciencesAEconomicsB
Economic InquiryB1.7EconomicsB
Economic Issues C Economics
Economic JournalA4.2EconomicsA
Economic Letters C Economics
Economic ModellingA4.2EconomicsA
Economic Notes D Economics
Economic PolicyA5.8EconomicsA
Economic Policy Review D Economics
Economic RecordB1.3EconomicsB
Economic Research Forum C Economics
Economic Review D Economics
Economic Sociology: the European Electronic Newsletter D Economics
Economic SystemsA3.4EconomicsA
Economic Systems ResearchB2.6EconomicsB
Economic TheoryB1.3EconomicsB
Economic Thought C Economics
Economica e Banca D Economics
Economics & Human BiologyB2.6EconomicsBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SSCIBPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIB
Economics & PoliticsB1.9EconomicsBPolitical ScienceB
Economics and PhilosophyB1.3EconomicsBEthicsB
Economics LettersB2.2EconomicsB
Economics of Education ReviewB2.7EconomicsBEducation & Educational ResearchB
Economics of Energy & Environmental PolicyB2.1EconomicsBEnvironmental StudiesB
Economics of GovernanceB0.9EconomicsB
Economics of Innovation and New TechnologyA3.3EconomicsA
Economics of Peace and Security C Economics
Economics of Transition and Institutional ChangeB0.9EconomicsB
Economics of TransportationB2.8EconomicsBTransportationB
Economics-the Open Access Open-Assessment E-journalB1.3EconomicsB
Economics: the Journal for Teachers of the Economic Sciences C Education
Economie de la Reunion D Economics
Economie en Beleid E Economics
Economie et Prevision C Economics
Economie et Societe D Economics
Economisch Statistische Berichten E Economics
Economy and SocietyA3.6EconomicsASociologyA
Ecosystem Health and SustainabilityA5.3EcologyAEnvironmental SciencesA
Ecosystem ServicesA8.6EcologyAEnvironmental SciencesAEnvironmental StudiesA
EcotoxicologyB2.9EcologyBEnvironmental SciencesB
Ecotoxicology and Environmental SafetyA6.9Environmental SciencesA
Ecotropica C Ecology, Science
Ecquid Novi-African Journalism Studies C Communication
Ecuador Debate D Area Studies
Ecumenical Review E Anthropology
Educacion XX1B3.1Education & Educational ResearchB
Educare C Education
Education and Information TechnologiesA5.3Education & Educational ResearchA
Education and Society C Education
Education and TrainingA3.7Education & Educational ResearchA
Education and Training in Autism and Developmental DisabilitiesB1.6Education, SpecialBRehabilitationB
Education and Treatment of ChildrenB1.5Education, SpecialBRehabilitationB
Education and Urban SocietyB1.6Education & Educational ResearchBUrban StudiesB
Education as ChangeB0.9Education & Educational ResearchB
Education Economics C Education
Education Finance and PolicyB2.4EconomicsBEducation & Educational ResearchB
Education for Health C Education
Education in Chemistry C Education
Education in Science C Education
Education Policy Analysis Archives C Education
Educational Action Research C Education
Educational Administration QuarterlyA3.7Education & Educational ResearchA
Educational and Psychological MeasurementA3.7Psychology, EducationalAPsychology, MathematicalA
Educational Assessment Evaluation and AccountabilityB3.1Education & Educational ResearchB
Educational Evaluation and Policy AnalysisA4.5Education & Educational ResearchA
Educational GerontologyB1.8Education & Educational ResearchBGerontologyB
Educational Management & Administration C Education
Educational Management Administration & LeadershipA3.8Education & Educational ResearchA
Educational Measurement-Issues and PracticeB2.0Education & Educational ResearchBPsychology, EducationalB
Educational Media International C Education
Educational Philosophy and TheoryB1.9Education & Educational ResearchB
Educational PolicyB2.1Education & Educational ResearchB
Educational PsychologistA11.9Education & Educational ResearchAPsychology, EducationalA
Educational PsychologyA3.9Education & Educational ResearchAPsychology, EducationalA
Educational Psychology -UK C Psychology, Educational
Educational Psychology ReviewA11.6Psychology, EducationalA
Educational ResearchA3.9Education & Educational ResearchA
Educational Research and Evaluation C Education
Educational Research Quarterly C Education
Educational Research ReviewA15.6Education & Educational ResearchA
Educational Researchâ  C Education
Educational ResearcherA7.5Education & Educational ResearchA
Educational ReviewA3.7Education & Educational ResearchA
Educational Sciences-Theory & Practice C Education
Educational StudiesB1.8Education & Educational ResearchB
Educational Studies in MathematicsB3.2Education & Educational ResearchB
Educational Studiesâ  C Education
Educational Technology & SocietyA4.9Education & Educational ResearchA
Educational Technology Research and Development C Education
Educational Theory C Education
Eesti Rakenduslingvistika Uhinu Aastaraamat C Linguistics
Efi Proceedings D Political Science
Egitim Arastirmalari-Eurasian Journal of Educational Researchâ  C Education
Egitim ve Bilim-Education and ScienceB0.8Education & Educational ResearchB
Egypt Contemporaine D Area Studies
Egypt Monde Arabe Revue (EMA Cedej) C Area Studies
Egypt/Monde Arabe, Droit, Economie, Societe C Area Studies
Egyptian Journal of Anaesthesia C Health
Eighteenth Century Studies C Political Science
EIS: Digests of Environmental Impact Statements D Environmental Studies and Sciences
EIU Country Forecasting C Economics
Ekoloji C Ecology, Science
Ekonesia D Ecology
Ekonomi Dan Keuangan Indonesia D Economics
Ekonomicky CasopisB0.6EconomicsB
Ekonomista C Economics
Ekonomista Polish Journal C Economics
Ekonomska Istrazivanja C Economics
El Clarion D Economics
El Peruano D Area Studies
Electoral StudiesB2.4Political ScienceB
Electronic Commerce ResearchB4.3BusinessBManagementB
Electronic Commerce Research and ApplicationsA7.6BusinessA
Electronic Green Journal C Geography
Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography C Area Studies
Electronic Journal of Oriental Studies D Area Studies
Electronic LibraryB2.0Information Science and Library ScienceB
Electronic MarketsA7.9BusinessAManagementA
Elementa-Science of the AnthropoceneA5.2Environmental SciencesA
Elementary School JournalB2.0Education & Educational ResearchB
ELT JournalA3.1LinguisticsAEducation & Educational ResearchB
Emerging AdulthoodB2.4Family StudiesBPsychology, DevelopmentalBPsychology, SocialB
Emerging Markets Finance and TradeA3.3EconomicsAInternational RelationsABusinessB
Emerging Markets ReviewA5.3Business, FinanceAEconomicsA
EMJ - Engineering Management Journal C Management
EmotionA4.5Psychology, ExperimentalA
Emotion ReviewA7.9Psychology, MultidisciplinaryA
Emotion Space and SocietyB2.0GeographyBSocial Sciences, InterdisciplinaryB
Empirical EconomicsB2.6EconomicsBSocial Sciences, Mathematical MethodsB
Empirical Studies of the ArtsB1.8Psychology, MultidisciplinaryB
Employee RelationsB3.4Industrial Relations and LaborBManagementB
Encarta E Geography
Encephale-Revue de Psychiatrie Clinique Biologique et TherapeutiqueB1.8Psychiatry - SCIEB
Encuentro C Education
EndeavourB0.5History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEBMultidisciplinary SciencesB
Energia News E Geography
Energy C Environmental Studies and Sciences
Energy & EnvironmentB3.7Environmental StudiesB
Energy & Environmental ScienceA34.9Environmental SciencesA
Energy and Environment C Geography
Energy EconomicsA11.7EconomicsA
Energy EfficiencyB3.0Environmental StudiesB
Energy for Sustainable Development C Environmental Studies and Sciences
Energy JournalB3.2EconomicsBEnvironmental StudiesB
Energy PolicyA8.5EconomicsAEnvironmental SciencesAEnvironmental StudiesA
Energy Research & Social ScienceA6.9Environmental StudiesA
Engenharia Sanitaria e AmbientalB0.6Water ResourcesB
Engineering Construction and Architectural ManagementB4.5ManagementB
Engineering EconomistB1.4BusinessBManagementB
Engineering Management JournalB2.7ManagementB
Engineering StudiesA1.6History and Philosophy of Science - SCIEAHistory and Philosophy of Science - SSCIA
English Academy Review C Sociology
English for Specific PurposesA3.4LinguisticsA
English Historical ReviewB0.8HistoryB
English in AustraliaB0.6Education & Educational ResearchB
English in EducationB0.9Education & Educational ResearchB
English Language & LinguisticsB0.9LinguisticsB
English Teaching-Practice and CritiqueB0.9Education & Educational ResearchBLinguisticsB
English TodayB1.2LinguisticsB
English World-WideB0.9LinguisticsB
Ensayos Sobre Letras, Historia y Sociedad. Notas. Reseã‘as Iberoamericanas C Sociology
Ensenanza de las CienciasB1.3Education & Educational ResearchB
Enterprise & SocietyB0.9BusinessBHistory of Social SciencesB
Enterprise Development and Microfinance C Business
Entrepreneurship and Regional DevelopmentA6.9Development StudiesABusinessB
Entrepreneurship Research JournalB2.4BusinessB
Entrepreneurship Theory and PracticeA14.4BusinessA
Entwicklung und Lã„ndlicher Raum E Geography
Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit D Development Studies
Environ Risque Sante C Health Policy and Services
EnvironmentB4.5Environmental SciencesBEnvironmental StudiesB
Environment and BehaviorA7.2Environmental StudiesAPsychology, MultidisciplinaryA
Environment and Development EconomicsB2.8EconomicsBEnvironmental StudiesB
Environment and HistoryA1.1HistoryAEnvironmental StudiesB
Environment and Organisation C Geography
Environment and Planning A-Economy and SpaceA4.2GeographyAEnvironmental StudiesB
Environment and Planning B-Planning & Design C Environmental Studies
Environment and Planning B-Urban Analytics and City ScienceA3.9GeographyARegional and Urban PlanningAUrban StudiesAEnvironmental StudiesB
Environment and Planning C-Politics and SpaceB3.2Environmental StudiesBGeographyBPublic AdministrationBRegional and Urban PlanningB
Environment and Planning D-Society & SpaceA5.1Environmental StudiesAGeographyA
Environment and Planning E- Nature and Space C Environmental Studies
Environment and Planning E-Nature and SpaceA4.0GeographyAEnvironmental StudiesB
Environment and Security D Geography
Environment and UrbanizationA4.8Environmental StudiesAUrban StudiesA
Environment Development and SustainabilityB4.7Environmental SciencesB
Environment InternationalA12.4Environmental SciencesA
Environment Risques & Sante C Health Policy and Services
Environmental & Resource EconomicsA4.3EconomicsAEnvironmental StudiesB
Environmental and Ecological StatisticsB2.8Environmental SciencesB
Environmental and Experimental BotanyA6.0Environmental SciencesA
Environmental and Molecular MutagenesisB3.7Environmental SciencesB
Environmental Biology of FishesB1.6EcologyB
Environmental ChemistryB4.3Environmental SciencesB
Environmental Chemistry LettersA14.2Environmental SciencesA
Environmental Communication-A Journal of Nature and CultureB3.2CommunicationBEnvironmental StudiesB
Environmental ConservationB3.3Environmental SciencesB
Environmental DevelopmentA5.1Environmental SciencesA
Environmental Earth SciencesB3.1Environmental SciencesBWater ResourcesB
Environmental Education ResearchA3.9Education & Educational ResearchAEnvironmental StudiesB
Environmental Engineering and Management JournalB0.9Environmental SciencesB
Environmental Engineering ResearchB3.2Environmental SciencesB
Environmental Engineering ScienceB2.0Environmental SciencesB
Environmental EthicsB0.4Environmental StudiesBEthicsB
Environmental EvidenceA5.1Environmental SciencesA
Environmental Fluid MechanicsB2.3Environmental SciencesBWater ResourcesB
Environmental ForensicsB1.7Environmental SciencesB
Environmental Geochemistry and HealthA4.4Public, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIEAPublic, Environmental and Occupational Health - SCIE-SSCIAWater ResourcesAEnvironmental SciencesB
Environmental Geology C Environmental Studies and Sciences
Environmental Hazards-Human and Policy DimensionsB3.1Environmental StudiesB