CERES is a research school in the field of International Development Studies (or Development Studies for short). Its membership is constituted by senior researchers and their PhDs in Development Studies or in associated disciplines and interdisciplinary fields in the social sciences, such as anthropology, sociology, political science, economics and geography. The research school was founded in 1994 by six academic institutions in the Netherlands and has since expanded to include one institutions in Belgium (Flanders). It has established links with many other universities and research institutes in the field of Development Studies both in the Netherlands and other European Countries.

It currently counts seven institutional members:

Erasmus University Rotterdam – International Institute of Social Studies

University of Utrecht – Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

Maastricht University – Maastricht School of Management

Radboud University – CIDIN/Anthropology and Development Studies

University of Antwerp – Institute of Development Policy and Management 

University of Amsterdam – Governance and Inclusive Development Group

University of Twente – Research Group CSTM