6. Post-Fieldwork PhD Course

ย [Registration closed for 2024]

12-16 February 2024

Teacher: Dr Raรบl Pacheco-Vega

Location: In person, residential

Tuition: members: 650 euros; non-members: 1000 euros (includes food and accommodation)

ECs: 4


This course is designed for post-fieldwork PhDs who are in the writing-up phase of their degrees, including the processing and analysing of data. It was offered last year for the first time by popular demand โ€“ the idea came from consultation with PhDs, who noted that they generally do not have any courses offered for this later phase of their degree

The course focuses on topics such as: 1) moving from proposing research to presenting what you researched; 2) Writing up fieldwork results (writing analytically, linking theory with evidence, and triangulating results); 3) Presenting qualitative and quantitative data in written output; and 4) developing a writing practice.