3. Decolonizing Scholarship: Writing against epistemicides

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Every Thursday from 2 November to 14 December 2023, 10:00-13:00 (seven sessions)

Teacher: Dr. Nadira Omarjee

Location: 2nd and 3rd sessions at ISS, the rest online

Tuition: free for members; 400 euros for non-members.

ECs: 3.5


The course will address alternative, critical and social justice pedagogies together with research methodologies that speak to the scholarly project of critical and decolonial feminist perspectives. The pedagogical approach is based on Freirian perspectives of criticality and learning through sharing; with participating scholars developing the weekly sessions through consultations based on group requirements. As such, the course is part of developing a decolonial feminist pedagogical praxis through rethinking research methodologies in the project of engaged scholarship. It hopes to disrupt rigid notions of authoritative scholarship in which researchers, teachers and texts remain authorities on knowledge; and to re-value and re-centre scholar/activist/artist whilst continuing to challenge fixed binarisms that reify normative practices in scholarship.

However, a course outline is offered to the group with a comprehensive reading list which which is a collective ongoing archival process open to further readings. Furthermore, the course sessions will rely on blurring the lines between art/activism/scholarship in order to address the importance of intersecting ontology and epistemology. The success of the course is heavily reliant on scholarly participation for making this an inclusive process whilst disrupting colonial praxis.


Register for the course through theย form linked here.