4. Decolonizing Scholarship: Writing against epistemicides

Every Tuesday, 15 November – 13 December (9am – 12pm CET)

Teacher: Dr. Nadira Omarjee
Location: Online (Zoom)
ECs: 2.5
Tuition: free for members; 250 euros for non-members.


The course will address alternative, critical and social justice pedagogies together with research methodologies that speak to the scholarly project of critical and decolonial feminist perspectives. The pedagogical approach is based on Freirian perspectives of learning through sharing; with participating scholars developing the weekly sessions through consultations based on the group requirements. However, a course outline will be offered to the group with a comprehensive reading list which will then be open to further negotiation and readings, including social media sites such as blogs and vlogs, etc. More importantly, the course sessions will rely on blurring the lines between art/activism/scholarship in order to address the importance of intersecting ontology and epistemology. Moreover, the participation of all the scholars in the classroom is required for making this course an inclusive process.

The workshops will be spread across five sessions whereby scholars will participate in and reflect on theory, history and praxis. The key readings speak to decolonial feminist scholarship with a critique of literature, theory, methodology and practices on social justice; literature on feminist and intersectional decolonisation; scholarly work on performative activism; literature on engaged scholarship, new materialism, critical and feminist pedagogical practices and participatory and post-qualitative research methodologies.

Registrations are no longer open. Please check for a 2023 version at the start of the new academic year.