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The PhD programme represents the first main function of CERES, namely, to provide educational opportunities specifically tailored to PhD researchers working in the interdisciplinary field of Development Studies or on issues of development.

CERES has been expanding its PhD course offering since 2019. We are currently offering nine courses in the 2023-2024 academic year (one offered twice). This has been in response to demand from many PhD researchers and member institutions for more PhD-level teaching tailored to Development Studies, which is the comparative advantage of CERES and where it adds value to its members.

CERES also allows the possibility for PhD candidates from academic research institutions in the Global South that are associated with CERES members to participate in these courses as CERES members.

In addition to its longstanding PhD Training Course oriented towards first-year PhDs, CERES is offering an additional residential Post-Fieldwork Course oriented towards PhDs in the later stages of their degree, a course on Safety and Security during Fieldwork (offered twice, once online and once in person), a one-day Workshop on Research Problems for starting PhDs, and several thematic/methodology courses. The course calendar is as follows:

The Post-Fieldwork Course and the PhD Training Course are residential and for this reason, they both have a tuition fee. In general, institutions pay, not the individual PhD student.

All the other courses are free for CERES members (and associated Global South institutions). There is also the possibility for PhD students from EADI member institutions to participate in these courses with a subsidy offered by EADI. Please contact for further information.